Photo Submit Help

-> Philip on May 27 2007
We welcome all material sent in by our members, the following is intended to help those who may have difficulties uploading photos. Most photographs taken with digital cameras are formatted with printing in mind, therefore they would be way too large for a posting on a website and would need to be re-sized before uploading. If you're having problems uploading photographs to the site, I've written this help file to assist you.
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Photo Packs

-> Philip on May 14 2007
The Coastguard Station photos are now available to download as 'Packs' in zip format. Click the download link above. The other photo packs will become available in the near future.
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Site Features

-> Philip on May 12 2007
Site Features [Updated 19-05-2007];
Most of the articles and all of the photographs have a 'Post Comments' and a 'Ratings' button below them. These are for members who wish to comment on that particular article or photo or maybe just rate it or both. We encouage members to use these systems as they give extra information to other visitors about the particular article or photo.
We've just added a "Personal Favourites" facility...[See below]

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Forum News

Moving over Forum Posts

-> Philip on May 12 2007
After encountering more than expected problems moving over the old posts and users from the previous forum, we've decided that due to the amount of work involved we'll only bring over the last six month's worth of posts.

It took a little longer than expected to sort out , but now they're pretty much done and dusted. Apologies to anyone who has posted further back than that. Feel free to repost any questions you've posted in the past or indeed any new one's.
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The Coastguard Cutter Newsletter

-> Philip on May 04 2007
The "Coastguard Cutter" is the monthly newsletter of Coastguards of Yesteryear, each one written by Tony featuring site updates, stories and fascinating snippets of coastguard information and their lives, all registered members can view the archived editions in the Articles section and if you wish to receive future editions just click 'Edit Profile' and click Yes for the Newsletter.
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