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Coastguard Lifesaving Carts
Coastguard Lifesaving Carts
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Google Books: The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle for 1866
pps 197-201 Chapter entitled "The Lifeboat Works" lists lifeboat stations in Ireland and rescues in 1865 including names of ships & place of rescue
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Google Books: The Crimean War and Irish Society By Paul Huddie
Excellent piece on recruitment in Ireland into the Coastguard in the 1850s.
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The New Navy List...Containing the names of all the Commissioned Officers in Her Majesty's Fleet
This includes listings of Coastguards
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The Beginnings of the Black Bread 'War'
Reference to daughter of Mayo Coastguardman Frederick Carey's school, provision of food and her eviction and the closure of the school c1845
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Oysterhaven Coast Guard
History of Oysterhaven Coast Guard Courtesy of Eileen McGough
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indexing of graveyards in ireland
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National Inventory of Architectural Heritage
Choose county in dropdown menu and then "advanced search", then choose in "seaqrch by type" the phrase "coastguard station"
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Johnson/Heffley Family History
reference to seven coastguard stations based on Killala
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Irish Coast Guard Historic Society
A voluntary group committed to restoring old equipment used by coast guards of days gone by . Founded by Declan Mc Quillan (Howth Coast Guard) in Jan 2009
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Genuki UK and IRL Genealogy
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Courtown RNLI
1865 Station opened at request of local residents. Boathouse constructed at a cost of £200.
1885 Slipway constructed at the north side of the harbour at a cost of £120.
1887 Slipway extended 21ft.
1905 When making for the harbour, the lifeboat was twice caught and carried over to the north pier and on the second occasion was dashed against the pier.
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Isle of Barra Coastguard
The history of the UK Coastguard is long and complex and began almost 200 years ago. In the early 1800's smuggling was rife all over the coast and there was a considerable loss of income to the UK treasury.
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Northern Ireland site with Coastguard interest
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Howth Coastguard
This is the website of the Howth voluntary unit. Howth is just one of 54 Coast Guard Coastal Units around the coast of the Republic of Ireland crewed by a total of 950 male and female volunteers. All Units are operated totally by local crews (including Howth) who give freely of their valuable time and effort to the Coast Guard, local community and ‘those in peril on the sea’, cliffs and coasts of Ireland.
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