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COUSIN of my grandfather James Alexander Smith had been involved with NEWCASTLE lifeboat since befor the disaster in 1843 when two of ancestors HENRY and CHARLES Perished Future generations of the Smith family continued to serve on the Life boats including my granda's cousin who served as coxwain and brother john as crew Two of their son's both joined the lifeboats and i believe they jimmy SMITH AND CHRIS WERE LATER TO JOIN THE COASTGUARD.S THIS FAMILY SERVICE TO SAFETY ON THE SEA HAS CONTINUED FOR OVER 150 YEARS Can any member tell me how to trace the service records of the Smith's on the maternal side of family in the lifeboats and Coastguard stations in Co Down IHAVE SOME INFO IN BOOK"Sailing ships of Mourne including photos ANY HELP APPRECIATED
1. Lifeguard
A lifeguard is someone who stands guard over swimmers in a pool or ocean. A lifeguard's job is to ensure that people stay safe while they swim. If a person gets into trouble, the lifeguard pulls them out of the water and tries to get them back to shore safely.
2. Surf lifesaver
A surf lifesaver is a person who helps others who have fallen off a boat or ship. When someone falls overboard, a surf lifesaver jumps in after them and saves their life.
3. Coastguard
A coastguard watches over the sea and land borders of countries. Their job is to make sure that no illegal immigrants enter a country.
4. Marine safety officer
Marine safety officers work at ports and harbors. They watch over boats and ships to make sure that they don't cause any damage to themselves or other vessels.
5. Fireman
Firemen put out fires. They wear special clothing to protect themselves from fire and smoke.
6. Police officer
Police officers keep order in society. They arrest criminals and help people who need protection.
7. Firefighter
Firefighters fight fires. They use special equipment to put out fires and save lives.
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