Navy Lists

-> Tony on September 25 2007
British Admiralty "Navy Lists"

From the late 1820's the Admiralty published quarterly officers lists which were printed yearly in small books called "Navy Lists". Locations of officers, and ships, world wide were printed in these little volumes.Included were lists of Officers employed in the service of the coastguard in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales....
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-> Philip on September 05 2007
Another source of information for researchers is the Weblinks, [see top nav bar]. They're grouped into 4 categories;
  • Coastguard Links
  • Genealogy Links
  • General Maritime
  • Members Links
Members can submit links they think might be helpful by using the "Submit Link" in the left nav bar.
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Desktop Wallpapers

-> Philip on August 25 2007
Now available in the downloads section - Coastguards of Yesteryear desktop wallpapers. They are 1024px x 768px in size and should fit most monitor configurations.
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Submitting Articles

-> Philip on August 17 2007

To anyone wishing to submit an article, here are a couple of pointers;

  1. Copying and pasting Word documents......
  2. If you have a doc that contains tables.....
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C.G. Station Book Project

-> Tony on August 07 2007
Edited 29/09/07
Due to the size and amount of data involved, we decided to make the Coastguard Stations Census books available as a pdf download.

We've now posted the entire collection of Station Books containing county by county station info including census details on the coastguards and their families and more.

This collection contains 476 pages in 15 books.

Go to downloads to view
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