Photo Submit Help

-> Philip on May 27 2007
Photo Submit Help

We welcome all material sent in by our members, the following is intended to help those who may have difficulties uploading photos. Most photographs taken with digital cameras are formatted with printing in mind, therefore they would be way too large for a posting on a website and would need to be re-sized [see below] before uploading.

The site will only accept: GIF, JPEG(JPG) or PNG file, (JPEG being the most prevalent), no larger than 1800 pixels by 1600 pixels and no heavier than 500Kb. These are the usual types of image files used on the internet. Files which are BMP or TIF and other proprietary formats are not suitable and are more for printing than publishing online.

Please make sure you're sending the actual photo file; eg yourimage.jpg and not a picture embedded in a word document or something similar.


Your Photo could not be submitted: Image must be a GIF, JPEG or PNG file.
This one is explained above.

Your Photo could not be submitted: Invalid image filename.
This includes photos with spaces in the name, eg your image.jpg. Before resubmitting, change the filename to your-image.jpg or yourimage.jpg. It also includes files with characters in the name such as < > ", etc.

Your Photo could not be submitted: Image must be no bigger than 1800 pixels.
Photos larger than this won't fit into a browser window. The optimum viewing size for photos is 800 (width) by 600 (height), though the height isn't as important as long as it's in proportion.

Your Photo could not be submitted: Image must be less than 500 Kb.
This is a necessary precaution to save server space as well as visitors download time.

There are many websites that will resize or optimize your photos for free:

We accept no responsibility for any consequence arising from the use of these sites.

We reserve the right to edit/delete any submissions deemed inappropriate.
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#1 | Philip on 25/06/2007 16:56:30
If you're still having problems after reading the above, please let me know.
#2 | jcassells76 on 31/12/2007 17:27:19
Hello Philip Still having problem with uploading photo of Leonard Money to Portrait Gallery despite following guidlines above ie changing file name to leonardmoney.jpg Please advise
#3 | Philip on 02/01/2008 08:01:32
jcassells76, Pls check your messages

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