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Site Upgrade

-> Philip on November 27 2011
This site has just had a software upgrade.
If you come across any problems please comment below.
Thank you
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Site News

Tony and Coastguard related queries

-> Philip on March 07 2011
For personal reasons, Tony will no longer be able to deal with email queries regarding Coastguards related requests.
Consequently, until further notice members and guests looking for related information are asked not to use the contact page for such matters as these messages will no longer reach him. Everyone is welcome to use the forums as usual where they can post their own requests and hopefully answer others questions.

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TNA RN Service records

-> Barnford on January 18 2010
This from the National Archives website - it appears that they have extended the coverage of RN service records:

08 January

The records of seamen who joined the Royal Navy between 1853 and 1923 can now be searched and downloaded from Documents Online, The National Archives' digital records service.

While many of the records from the Registers of Seamen's Services (ADM 188) and the Continuous Service engagement books (ADM 139) have previously been digitised, we have only recently completed the collection by releasing the final batch of files (ADM 139/221 - 1027) online. This means that over 680,000 records on Royal Naval seaman are now available to search and download.
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Records Database Update

-> Philip on September 02 2009
Couple to tweaks to the Records Database...

Members can now post a comment on a record if they have information to add, it's the same comments system as elsewhere on the site.

The latest comments panel on the right will be updated to show new posts.

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Job Well Done

-> Philip on June 01 2009
On behalf of Tony and myself, I'd just like to say thank you and well done to Martin [crimea1854], who has surpassed his 250th post in the forum.
He freely gives his considerable time, effort and extensive knowledge to our members. The forum would not be the same without him.

To help further with the development of the site, Martin has been "promoted" to Administrator.

Site IT Guy
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