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Memorial at Schull to Owen Jones
Memorial at Schull to Owen Jones
Owen Jones, Chief Boatman at Schull Coastguard Station, who died 29th October 1855.
William Frederick Jones
William Frederick Jones
My gt gt grandfather William Frederick Jones was born 26 March 1827 Southwark Surrey and christened at Saint Saviour, Southwark on 14 December 1828. In 1841 he was living in Chelsea with his mother...
Charles Jeffery
Charles Jeffery
My great grandfather born 1832. Fought 2nd China war.Coastguard postings - Rush,Greencastle, Moville, Inniobofin [mayneed help with spelling], Sheephaven,[Dunfanaghy] Rose to Chf Boatmanin Charge. ...
John Hurley Coastguard
A Brief summary of the career of John Hurley, his wife Margaret (nee Cashman) and their peripateic life in the 1870s.
William Wright
William's Naval career.
Ballyheigue Graveyard, St.James Church Co.Kerry
There is a section of the north-west corner of the graveyard devoted to the families of the coastguard, and there is one striking memorial to a man named John Haswell late a Commissioned Boatman in the coastguard. who died on the 15th of September 1877, in the County of Kerry at the great age of 85.
Lifesaving by Coastguardsmen
The Lifeboats owned and managed by the Royal National Life-boat Institution are stationed at almost every point of our extensive seaboard where loss of life through shipwreck is most to be feared; while the services performed by their crews every year, unostentatiously, and in the ordinary course of duty, are such as would do honour to any age or nation.
Five Coastguardsmen Drowned
It is with much regret I have to announce a most deplorable catastrophe which took place on Monday night in Dundalk Bay. Five fine fellows, all married, and some having six children each, left their station at Dunany with a load of firearms for Soldier's Point on Monday.
GWest Coast/Galway Coastguard & Revenue Personnel <1852
The Sessional Papers printed by Order of the House of Lords - Papers on Transatlantic Communication - regarding use of Galway or Shannon as a Transatlantic Port have testimonies from the following members of the Coastguard/Revenue Service: WIlliam WIlliams, William Hamiton Burke, Henry Leigh, Frederick Kemble, Hugh McGuire, Francis Moore, JW Trousdell.
Obituary WR BUIKE 1901
The bearer party consisted of Chief Boatmen Goddard and Tee, Commissioned Boatmen Giles and B. Hudson, and Boatman Stone, and the pall bearers were Chief Officers Petty (Bembridge) and Tubbs (Sandown) and two Chief Officers of the Cowes division.