GWest Coast/Galway Coastguard & Revenue Personnel <1852

This fascinating report lists evidence from Coastguard Personnel, Masters, Pilots, fishermen, Masters of foreign ships. and RN Personnel. ALso Harbour Master and local interested parties.

William Williams, Comissioned Boatman who has served from Barna to Blackhead only and has lived on the west coast for 10 years. 25 June 1852.

William Hamilton Burke, late Commander HM Revenue Currer "Kite" - served 1st Officer & frequent;ly in comand of 1st Class Revenue Cruisers 1809-1816 and 1819-1823 on the West Coast, as Commander on Cruisers 1823-1839, 1832 employed on secret service (on the Kite) off Galway, up the Bay each night at Blackrock, and out to sea by daylight where practicable. Based in Kingstown in 1852. 3 July 1852.

Henry Leigh Chief Officer Coastguard for the past three and a half years - experience of Galway Bay but not Aran Islands. stationed at Barna, formerly of East India Company - served for one year and a quarter as 3rd Officer of the "Solway" - West India Royal Mail Steam Packet.. 24 June 1852.

Frederick Kemble, Commander RN, Inspecting/Superintending Commander Coastguard in Galway - duties confined within the Aran Islands - for nearly 5 years. 25 June 1852.

Hugh McGuire, Chief Officer Coastguard, Fairhill.- 24 years at sea on board Revenue Cruiaers. 2 years cruising this coast. 2 years on shore at Fairhill. 25 June 1852.

Francis Moore, Chief Boatman Coastguard, stationed South Island of Aran 13 years, Barna station 2 years, Ballyranghan (??possibly Ballyvaughan - my notes) 11 years, Fairhill 1 year.. 24 June 1852.

J.W. Trousdell, Comptroller of Customs - 40 years officially located on the west of Ireland, has had the movements of the Revenue Cruisers under his control, before placed under that of the Coastguard. Knows nearly all the harbours off the Irish Coast. 1 July 1852.

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