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Loss of life in Irish shipwrecks
The coastguard played a part in many Irish shipwrecks but many more occurred well offshore beyond the reach of Coastguard help.

SHIPWRECK: Brig: Nelson 27/11/1843
Brig Nelson, of Maryport, Wood Master, 309 tons burden, from Demerara, with a cargo of rum, sugar, molasses, and iron-wood, struck on Mace Island, about twelve miles from Clifden Lieutenant Williams, Chief Officer of the Coastguards

S.S.W.M.Barkley sunk by U-boat. 1917
On the night of October 12th 1917 at 7 pm. The S.S.W.M.Barkley with a full cargo of Guinness, and a crew of 13 men was torpedoed just off the Kish Lightship by a German U-boat. Five men lost their lives that night.

The Wreck of the Leon XIII 1907
On September 30th 1907 the sail ship Leon XIII had reached the Irish coast just off Loop Head and was about to enter the Shannon Estuary to complete her voyage from America with a cargo of wheat when a great storm blew up along the coast.

Wreck of the 'Ceres' 1866
Twenty-nine passengers and nine of the crew of the ‘Ceres’, a steamer with sails, en route from Plymouth to Dublin, struck the shore about a mile westward of Carnsore Point on the evening of the 10th.November 1866. The vessel was about 20 miles off course at the time, a discrepancy attributed by the captain at a later enquiry to the compasses being ‘astray’.

Sinking of the Tayleur
Tayleur left Liverpool on 19 January 1854, on her maiden voyage, for Melbourne, Australia, with a complement of 652 passengers and crew. Her crew of 71 had only 37 trained seamen amongst them...

Wreck of the Erne 1836
At eleven o'clock on Wednesday night, the sloop Erne of Wicklow , bound for Liverpool...

Sinking of the Vanguard
It was the best of days, it was the worst of days. The 'Vanguard' had been stationed at Kingstown...

Total Loss of Adonis 1862
We have this week to report the sad loss the above fine screw-steamer of 600 tons burden, belonging to the Waterford Steam-ship Company...

The Wreck of the Brackley 1903
Big Gale in Wicklow. A storm of terrific violence visited Wicklow and district on Thursday night.

Superstition and a Shipwreck
The people on the island of Inisboffin, off the coast of Ireland, were very superstitious.

Shipwreck and Terrible Aftermath
The brig Lusitania, Captain Crookshanks, of and from Liverlpool to Oporto with a general cargo, was in the gale of...

City of Limerick
Shipwreck of the City of Limerick Schooner and plunder of her Cargo.

Melancholy Shipwrecks
Extract of a letter from Tyrella, Co. Down dated 18th March 1825.

The Wreck of the Gainsborough 1838
In the Cove, Malahide outside the Band Room stands a granite neoceltic cross on a concrete plinth.