Meritorious Conduct

Kells Coast Guards

TRALEE CHRONICLE 2nd November 1844.


The Brig MARY DICK of Kirkaldy. James Norman being fifteen days out of Cardiff, bound to Constantinople, put in to Dingle on the 30th October, in distress, having experienced a loss of mainsails, rigging and bulwarks. It was through the instrumentality of the Kells Coast Guards she was brought in and saved from being a total wreck. The boat’s crew were under the command of Master Edward Jenkins, who at the hazard of his life , boarded her, and succeeded in taking her safe into Dingle harbour. Here he received the highest testimonials of his conduct from the Captain of the vessel, who expressed the strong wish that the heads of his department should notice his gallantry. This is but one of the many hazardous and successful efforts made by Mr. Jenkins and his party on behalf of distressed vessels.
From our Dingle Correspondent.

TRALEE CHRONICLE 16th November 1844.


To the Editor of the Tralee Chronicle, 8th November 1844.

Sir – Will you be good enough to contradict a statement which appeared in your valuable journal of Saturday last, the 2nd. instant, respecting the meritorious conduct of the Coast Guards of this station in being the means of saving the brig MARY DICK , of Kirkalder, James Norman, Master, in which it was falsely stated that the Coast Guards crew were under the command of Master Edward Jenkins.

I, as the officer in command of that station, beg to make known that I was the man who commanded that crew, and not Jenkins; at the same time I have got to say that Jenkins, as well as the rest of the crew, in taking the vessel into Dingle harbour under my command, acted most praiseworthy on the occasion.

Hoping, Mr. Editor, you will have my name inserted in your next publication as having charge of the crew, instead of Jenkins, (as appeared in your last),

I remain your obedient servant. ESSEX HARRIS. Chief Boatman in charge Coast Guards at Kells.

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