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-> Philip on February 07 2008
The FAQ's or Frequently Asked Questions has just been updated and expanded, see link in Nav bar. It's been split up into section dealing with the various aspects of the site software. So if you're having a problem or maybe you have a question, please check the FAQ's before contacting me as the answer is hopefully there. Obviously, I haven't covered everything, so let me know if your particular problem has not been addressed.

At the moment the headings are;

  • Contact Questions

  • General Questions

  • Newsletter Questions

  • Forum Questions

  • Logging in Questions

  • Submitting Files Questions

It's a work in progress, so I'll update and add to it over time.

Should you need to contact me, please use the Personal Messaging facility as the domain is so heavily spammed these days that I may miss your email. If you're not a member you can contact me at;
webmaster [at]

Site Admin
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