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william morman coastguard cork 1901
or at least so says the 1901 census on this site.

The family story is that he was a coastguard out at sea often and my grandfahehr also william morman was born at sea, on of triplets, only 1 of whom survived. It soynds a bit far fetched but at any rate the coastguard bit seems to be true and I believe my grandfather's birth was registered in Cork which had security implications for some of his children subsequently.

I was hoping the site might have more information on their whereabouts and other records eg other children, marriage cert.
Hi, and welcome to the Forum.

If you look at the actual 1901 census you will see that William Jnr had a brother, George, who is shown as exactly the same age, so it is likely that he was at least a twin.

There does appear to be a service record for William Snr. ( http://discovery....r/D7128344 ). If I'm right, and this is the correct man, it won't contain any family information, but does provide a place and date of birth, and could provide clues as to likely geographical search areas for further study.

If it is your man you could well find that he served as part of the Naval Brigade from HMS Boadicea during the 1st Boer War. No medal was issued for this conflict, which was a disaster for the British Forces.

Do let us know how you get on.

Brilliant thanks.

The Mormans hail from Millbrook so that could well be right. I drove along the Maker road earlier in the year. There were no Normans at all in the phone book but grandad did have 6 sisters. Think the other brother must have died young too. Thanks for your help. I know about the Scottish archives and census data but have never looked at National archives
Hi Springle,
My Great grandmother was a Morman who was born in Ireland as her father William Morman was a Coastguard. She had three sisters and one brother. They did indeed come from Millbrook where my Grandmother and other family still live. My grandmother is 97 this year. Feel free to contact me on
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