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Timothy Ryan 1830-1886
Hi - Timothy Ryan was my great great grandfather. My research is as follows:

He was born in Castlebellingham, Co Louth, Ireland in 1830 and joined the Royal Navy.
After his service, I understand he was a Coastguard on Tory Island in Donegal.

He died in Dublin in 1886.

I have details on his marriage and his several children but I'm really looking for any information about his Royal Navy service or as a Coastguard.

If anyone has any information or can recommend avenues to explore, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks in anticipation

David Ryan
Hi David

I believe I have found your man, although some of the information you posted differs from the man I think it is.

The Timothy Ryan I have found served at Port Noo, Rutland and Sheephaven CG Stations, which are in the general area of Troy Island, so I will leave it up to you to decide if it is your man!

There is a full service record in ADM 29/91/67 that can be ordered from the National Archives or viewed online if you subscribe to Ancestry. There is another service record that can be downloaded for free from the National Archives
https://discovery...r/D6611120. This contains very little service information, but does provide a physical description.

The other avenue, to determine the CG Stations he was working at and when, are the Ships Establishment Books in the ADM 175 series of free downloads from the National Archives - look at the following ADM 175/19 pdf 310, 175/52 pdf 108 and 175/53 pdfs 339 & 353.

Hope this helps

Thats fantastic - thank you so much for this information

I will check out the links that you provided

Keep up the great work

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