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William Heraghty
Hi there,
My great, great great grandfather, William/Gerald Heraghty was a coastguard in Dingle. He was born in 1819 and died in 1878. He had 7 children, 3 of which may have also been coastguards, Joseph, Michael and Richard. He was married to Margaret Copplestone. His son-in-law, James Neil was also a coastguard in Castlegregory or Dingle? Just wondering would anyone have any information?
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Hi Mik & welcome to the Forum

I have information on a William Herraghty/Heraghty born Innislyre 8 Oct 1816.

There is a service record available for him (ADM 29/83/201) which shows him joining the Revenue Cruiser Hawke as a Boy 2 Class in March 1836. He transferred to the land based CG service on 12 Nov 1840, with a first posting to Bletchington, Sussex (ADM 175/7 pdf 224).

He then made the following moves:
24 March 1845 to Torquay (175/7 pdf 430)
8 Oct 1845 to Oyster Haven, Ireland (175/19 pdf 107)
7 Nov 1850 promoted to Commissioned Boatman remaining at same station
4 Feb 1858 promoted to Chief Boatman & transferred to Courtmasherry (175/19 pdf 106)
16 Aug 1861 promoted to Ch Boatman in Charge & transferred to Ventry (175/19 pdfs 114 & 162).

As a further piece of information he was one of the CG's who served during the Crimean War, earning the Baltic Medal for his time on HMS Prince Regent and the Crimean Medal with Sebastopol clasp while on HMS Royal Albert. He was subsequently awarded one of the early navy Long Service & Good Conduct medals (wide suspender).

I note that there was a William Herraghty born in Sussex in 1844, when William Snr was stationed in the area. There is a Birth Cert available for him, which if obtained would provide details of the mothers maiden name & father occupation that could confirm I have the right man.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Martin,
That's very interesting about Oysterhaven as 5 of his 7 children were baptized in Trachton which is very near there. The other 2 children were baptized in Dingle which corresponds with the dates that you found. Where did you find that he was born on Innislyre?

His wife seems to be from a coastguard family from Westport? His wife was Margaret Copplestone who had a brother Richard who was a coastguard and there was another brother John who may have been in the army.

Williams son-in-law was James Neil who was also a coastguard and James father, Cornelius's profession was - - ordinance. I couldn't make it out properly from James's wedding cert.

You were saying that there was a William Heraghty born in Sussex in 1844, do you think he may be a relation? Maybe he had a son there as his daughter Louisa was born in England but baptised in Trachton in 1849.

Where did you find all the coast guard information?
Thanks again,
Re his birth, he signed on for Continuous Service and has a later service record (No. 75212). If you go to the National Archives Discovery website and enter this number in the RN service records search, this detail comes up. I researched all those CGs who served during the Crimean War, and in the Ships Description Book his place of birth is given as Mayo, which ties-in with the information on the service record.

I think William jnr. is almost certainly his son, who subsequently went on the serve in the navy himself.

Re his movements while a CG, you can download the CG Establishment Books for free from the National Archives website in the ADM 175 series, the pdf refs I have given make finding him easy.

Thanks again Martin,
I had been to the national archives website previously, but it seemed that the information was not for free. I didn't realise about the free download document with the coastguards movements.

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Thanks Martin,

I really appreciate all your help, thanks for all your time and effort. It was lovely to see all his movements and to find out where he was born.

Thanks again,

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Hi Martin,

I found out today that James Neil was stationed in Castlegregory and had been in Algiers before that. Thanks again for all the help and for pointing me in the right direction.

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