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Fragments of 1851 Irish Census
I have just come across the website which has fragments of the 1851 Irish Census mainly for Antrim http://www.ulster...-pages.php . For me, when Googling info, it appeared way down the list and so can be missed.

The census entries are interesting because they have info on wives and family of coastguards. Here is a summary of the coastguard entries I have found, look at the page itself for age, place of birth and other family info. There are also seaman and other entries especially in the Tickmacrevan page which seems to include Glenarm.

Carncastle ( http://www.ulster...php?id=170 )
Charles Bayley - Royal Naval Lieutenant.
James Duff - Coastguard
Benjamin Woodcock (spelt Bengamin on web page) - Coastguard
John McElherin - Coastguard
Patrick Brodigan - Coastguard

Larne ( http://www.ulster....php?id=98 )
John Broderick - retired coastguard
Patrick McClemen - Coastguard
Alexander King - Coastguard
John Duff - Coastguard
William Brown - Coastguard
Andrew Baker - Coastguard
Jeremiah Leahy - Coastguard
George Jeffrey - Coastguard
Daniel Sheriff - Coast Officer

Tickmacrevan ( http://www.ulster...php?id=178 )
John Rowley-Thompson - Lieut Of Royal Navy
Andrew Kerwan - Coastguard boatman
Michael Manning - Coastguard
John Hendrey - Coastguard
Charles Heggerty - Coastguard
James McNeill - Coastguard Superintd
James Sheil - Coastguard
William Murphy - Coastguard Boatman
Sampson Sheperd - - Coastguard Boatman

Grange ( http://www.ulster...php?id=173 )
John Connley - Coastguard

I now notice that same info is available on - I'll leave the post as it may help user who do not have access to subscription sites.
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