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Coastguard searches
1st time user would welcome guidance as to how I should proceed.
My Gt Gt Grandfather William Carter b1807 Lee Hants, served with the Coastguard from an early age until his premature death aged 48 in Goring West Sussex. His death cert describes him as a Chief Boatman and judging by the birth places of his 9 children ( Stroud Kent,High Halstow Kent, Parkstone/Poole Dorset (3) Selsey Sussex (2) and Goring Sussex (2) he served at a number of stations. ( I have a Times newspaper article mentioning his name when he sounded the alarm and was subsequently involved in a large scale affray with smugglers and locals in Worthing in feb82 when the notorious William Cowerson was killed. I am seeking guidance as to how I might establish his record of service with the Coastguard from say 1827 when he would have been 20 and July 1855, when he died. I have a copy of his daughter’s marriage certificate d/d aug 1879 which describes William as having been a Captain RN but whilst I know the Coastguard was absorbed into the Royal Navy, I think this was stretching it. I believe equivalent rank would have been Petty Officer. Perhaps it was because she was marrying a ‘Gentleman’!
Can anyone give me lines of enquiry which might be worth pursuing.
Welcome to the Forum.

To trace a mans service you can use the Coastguard Establishment books that are free to download off the National Archives website; these can be found in ADM 175.

Based on the information you provided, I used the birth place of one of his children as a starting point - Poole in the 1840s. In ADM 175/7 pdf 354 I found William at Flag Head CGS, then serving as a Commissioned Boatman, from this it is possible to work backwards and forwards to establish his full service.

I traced his service forward, when he was removed to Thorney (ADM 175/7 pdf 267) from here he was subsequently removed following his promotion to Chief Boatman at Kingston (ADM 175/7 pdf 255), from where he was Discharged Dead on 17th July 1855.

You can use the same process to find his earlier service. If you run into any difficulties just come back to the Forum.

Regards Martin
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Wow, thanks for the speed of your response. I will try to follow your advice although, as I am almost 70 myself, I find some of this searching quite challenging! Your kind offer of further guidance is much appreciated. ( Thorne Island I know, but what was the Coastguard doing in Kingston? ) Best regards

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Got it, Kingston Corfe Castle I presume.
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