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1000th Member
I would like to offer my congratulations to Tony for having had the 1000th person register as a Member.

The site is a fantastic resource for anyone who has a Coast Guard ancestor, and I hope it will continue to go from strength to strength. However, I would encourage those who have substantially completed their research to share it with others by submitting an article or photograph, who knows someone from another branch of the family could find this information invaluable!

Hear Hear!

We're also coming up on our 2 millionth visitor soon! Grin
Hello to all
We are pleased that the Coastguards of Yesteryear site has had so many contacts, Also we hope that our research has helped people in learning about their Coastguard ancestors, families, working routine and way of life over here in Ireland.
Also our open Forum has gained in popularity due to the expert and enthusiastic advice given by some of our very knowledgeable and welcome supporters.
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