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Thomas David Fox
Sian Fox
Hello, I believe my great, great grandfather, Thomas Fox was a coastguard at Dunany Point and Clogherhead sometime in the late 1800's. He married Eliza Rundle, daughter of Edmund Rundle, who was also a coastguard in the same area, in 1887 at Termonfeckin Church. My grandfather, Charles Fox was born in the coastguard station at Dunany point, I think.
I have seen a photograph online of someone reputed to be Thomas Davis Fox, and he bears quite a strong resemblance to my father, but his uniform and certainly his cap badge, are not , I think the correct ones for the coastguard. The badge seems much more like that of a fusilier. The uniform, to my eye, also looks a bit later. Does anyone have any information about the cap badges/ uniforms of the coastguard at that time, please, or could point me in the right direction to learn more?
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Sian welcome to the Forum.

On the issue of your photograph, I would suggest you look in the photo gallery section of the site, and particularly the portraits gallery where there are numerous photographs of CGs' in uniform.

If your Thomas was born in Dorset on the 17th Oct 1858, his service record is available on Ancestry or to purchase from the NA - service No. 90585.

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Sian Fox
Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick and helpful reply.

Yes, he was born in Dorset, not sure of the date. May I ask, how were you able to find out the/his service number? I haven't joined Ancestry yet but will do so and investigate further. I'm just about to look on the photo gallery.

Thanks again for your help,
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I do have a subscription to Ancestry and looked at the various service records for men of the same name until I found one who served at the CG Stations in the timeframe you mentioned.

If you don't want to take out a subscription to Ancestry, for a small fee you can download his service record from the NA website : http://discovery....r/D6621605

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