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John Blake bn Ireland c1809
racing girl
I'm helping an acquaintance trace her Irish 3x Gt Grandfather John Blake. He was in the Coastguard Service and appears to have served mostly, possibly completely, in England. She is trying to get a handle on his birthplace and correct DOB in Ireland in order to trace his parents and siblings.

From the CG Books, BMD records and census data, this is what I have so far:

Arrived Cornhill (Dover), Kent 30 March 1831 from ?? - Looks like Extra something, but it's not Temporary or Permanent Extraman! Listed as New Start (first posting)? Boatman
Arrived Westbrook, Kent (Ramsgate) 14 Sept 1831 from Cornhill, Kent Rem 2 Jan 1834 Winterton Boatman
Arrived Winterton, Norfolk (Yarmouth) 2 Jan 1834 from Westbrook,(Ramsgate) Kent Rem 3 Feb 1834 Happisburgh Boatman
Arrived Happisburgh, Norfolk (Yarmouth) 3 Feb 1834 from Winterton, Norfolk Rem Mundsley 11 Aug 1834 Boatman
Arrived Mundlsey, Norfolk 11 Aug 1834 from Happisburgh, Norfolk, Boatman, Rem and Pro to Cmd B to Bradwell 27 July 1837
Arrived Bradwell, Essex 27 July 1837 from Mundsley (Cromer, Norfolk) Cmd B. Removed to Leigh, Essex
Arrived Leigh, Essex 21 June 1844 Cmd Boatman from Bradwell, Essex Removed and Promoted to Chief Boatman Crouch River
Arrived Crouch River, Essex 7 Apr 1846 from Leigh, Cmd B to CB (Good of Service), Rem to Hollywood
Arrived Hollywood 10 Oct 1851, Rem to Thorney
Arrived Thorney (Arundel) Sussex 5 Oct 1854 from ?? CB (Can't read where he came from but it's not Hollywood) Rem to Pagham
Arrived Pagham (Arundel) 15 June 1855 from Thorney CB (commended for Good Service) Rem to Worthing
Arrived Worthing 29 Feb 1856 from Pagham CB Rem to Lancing
Arrived Lancing 12 Aug 1859 from Worthing CB
John Blake, Chief Boatman, Lancing Sussex, Superannuated, 30 Nov 1860
1862 Death registered December Q in Worthing district SSX

Married Mary Elizabeth Maxted bn abt 1817 Ramsgate, Kent. Two children known, Louisa bn in Foulness Island, Essex in 1850ish and Job bn in Broadwater (Worthing) in 1856 (chr 8 Jun 1856).

Can anyone fill in a couple of the blanks for the places in the list that I can't read, or add any info about his early years?

ETA: I found him at Hollywood, Belfast in ADM 175/19

Thanks in advance.
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Searching English Coastguards families Clark and Grant.
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I can answer your first question; it's Extram(an) Skibbereen, which suggests to me that he was a local man working at Skibbereen prior to getting a permanent appointment, with a first posting to England.

racing girl
Martin, thank you. Skibbereen is near Cork, so that gives my friend a starting point at least.

Would he not be in the Irish Appt. Books? Actually, looking at the dates there's nothing I can see that covers 1831-ish for Ireland in ADM 75.

I'm very glad to see you're still helping people with their Coastguard/Crimea/Navy ancestors. You were a fantastic help to me back on 2009/10 when I was tracing my husbands ancestors, and I've paid that forward many times by helping others on forums with their Coastguard queries too. Got a bit stuck with the handwriting on this chap though!
Searching English Coastguards families Clark and Grant.
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