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Sir � I beg you will give insertion to the following, in order that these parties who so liberally subscribed to the support of the Wicklow Life Boat, may see that their donations were given in good time and for a good cause. On Friday a ship being in distress on Arklow Bank, the Coxswain of the boat, and twelve men belonging to the port, volunteered to launch the boat and made an effort to proceed to the wreck. After a spell of five hours and within a mile of the wreck, the Life Boat sprung a leak and all efforts with the pump proved in vain. She now settled down in the water and hoisted a flag of distress which was answered by a vessel which gave them a tow. The same vessel had shortly before rescued the crew off the wreck. The Life Boat arrived back at Wicklow after eight hours in the extreme cold and wet where nothing but the greatest bravery could have carried them safely through.

In conclusion, allow me to say a few words about the neglect of the coast guards in this and other cases,

The above ship got on the bank about one o�clock on the morning of the 26th, and as soon as daylight came, was within view of the look-out of four stations, vis:- Arklow , Mizen head, Jacks Hole, and Wicklow. I am not aware if the duty of these well paid officers, extends beyond the seizure of tobacco, a pound of tea etc, but I think for the state of humanity that when twenty fellow beings were holding up their hands for someone to save them from the merciless gulf, they might have kept a better look-out, and sent along the coast to the Life Boat Station a more timely intimation of the wreck, for had not the cutter been providentially at hand and taken the men off the wreck that evening, they would all have met a watery grave, as the ship went to pieces, and no boat could venture out for the next four days. I believe the Arklow Life Boat made an offer to go out, which takes some blame off the coast guards of that station, but still they would have a right always to send word to the next windward station of the wreck.

I am, Sir, yours, A.Z. (1)

The Attention of the Arklow Coast Guard 1878.

To the Editor of the Wicklow News-Letter. Sir,- On the morning of the 28th ult. Mr. Henry Lynch�s boat was wrecked on the outside of South Pier of the Arklow Harbour at about three o�clock in the morning on a heap of large stones used as a backing in the midst of a furious storm. An hour previous Messrs Thompson and Croker standing on the same pier and the Chief Officer on the North Pier beheld the boat nearing the shore, and saw at a glance the danger she was in and the probability of her being driven ashore. They went at once and procured a supply of ropes and had them ready when she struck on this forlorn spot, and by their aid and vigilance saved the crew from being pounded to death on the stones by the raging surf. The boat was shattered to pieces in a few minutes, and only that those Coastguards were on the spot keeping their �night-watches� and their insight of danger, the rapid procuring of ropes and their labour, up to their middle till the crew of seven fathers of families were saved, the consequence might have been disastrous and deplorable.

It is only a short time since the writer became acquainted with the foregoing facts. He thinks he would be doing an injustice to those good men if he did not make them public. He hopes they will receive that public approbation which such men deserve and such as will encourage others under similar circumstances to do likewise.

An Arklow Man. April 17th.1878. (2)

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