British Justice

British Justice for a Sailor v Justice for a British Sailor

If a smuggler commits a crime he is enlisted into the British Navy
Able Seaman
If a Navy person commits a crime he is discharged..

Smuggling Conviction. Upon the arrival of the ‘Enterprize’ at this port on the 21st.inst.from Quebec, the Coast Guard found on board a parcel of tobacco, weight 52 lbs., which subjected the vessel to forfeiture. When enquiry by the principal officer of this port, it appeared to have been put on board by the mate, Malcolm Lamont, unknown to the master or any other person belonging to the ship. The vessel has been liberated, and the mate convicted of smuggling, and sent in custody to the port Admiral, at Cork, to serve five years in her Majesty’s navy.
(Drogheda Journal) (1)

Drummed out.

A seaman belonging to the ‘Windsor Castle’, of bad character, and one who was considered to disgrace his Majesty’s navy, after various means had been tried to reclaim him, was on Thursday last drummed out of the Fleet. This imposing ceremony was performed by the culprit being placed in the ships boat with his hands tied, a halter about his neck, and a paper on which was described his offence, fastened to his back, and rowed alongside every man of war in our harbour, the drummers in the boat sweetly serenading him with the honourable air, the “Rogue’s March”. After he had gone through this pleasing round, he was landed at Mutton Cove, with his paraphernalia, amidst the laughs and sneers of a great number of people assembled.
(Devonshire Freeman) (2)


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  2. Morning Register 16th.September 1825.

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