Attack on Coastguard Station at Kilbehagh, Kilrush, Co. Clare

The Times
London, Middlesex, England
July 19, 1867

(From Our Own Correspondent)
Dublin, July 18.

At the Clare Assizes Thomas Fennell was indicted for treason-felony. The acts charged against him were that he was one of a party who attacked the Coastguard station at Kilbehagh, near Kilrush, on the night of the 5th of March. The Coastguards on duty refused to give up their arms in the name of the Irish Republic and were about to arrest their assailants, when a person named De Lowry, not yet made amenable, drew a dagger and stabbed Wilmot, one of the guards, in several places. It was alleged that the prisoner was one of the parties who held Wilmot while this outrage was perpetrated. After this occurred the Coastguards fired on the Fenians, wounding the prisoner, who was then easily captured. The Solicitor-General, stated the case for the Crown. There was no informer in this case. Evidence was then given bearing out th4e statement made by the Solicitor-General. The case for the Crown having closed, Mr. Fitzgibbon addressed the jury in an able speech for the prisoner. A witness was then examined to show that he knew the prisoner, and that he did not see him at Killbehagh on the night in question. Serjeant Barry having replied for the Crown, Judge Keogh charged the jury, who found a verdict of Guilty. Sentence was deferred.

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