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Navy List 1847

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Navy List 1847
Officers Employed in the Coastguard Service
(Irish Stations)

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NameDate of SeniorityRankStation
Bagehot, Charles11 Oct.1828Insp. LieutenantYoughal.
Bates, Henry A. 27 May 1843Insp. LieutenantPort Rushine,Sligo
Beatson, Henry D.  3 June 1827C.C. Civilian Commander"Swift".Carrickfergus.
Bedford, John W.  20 Nov.1843Lieutenant of StationMouth of Boyne
Blissett, Charles E.12 Sept.1840Lieutenant of StationCastletownsend
Blyth, Charles 2 Dec.1843 Lieutenant of Station Ballyhalbert
Boileau, Lestock F. 10 Aug.1824Inspecting LieutenantSkibbereen
Bowie, John1 Jan.1847 Inspecting Comm.Carrickfergus
Bowling, John  9 Apr.1844Civilian 2nd. Mate"Bat" Castletown
Broad, William H. 9 Nov.1846Lieutenant Commander"Dolphin".Kinsale.
Brown, A. 17Mar.1836Civilian 1st. Mate"Racer" Killybegs
Burke, W.H.13 Aug.1825Lieutenant Commander"Kite" Carrickfergus
Burniston, Hugh S. 30 Oct.1825 Lieutenant of StationDalkey,Dublin
Burt, William11 June 1835 Lieutenant of StationOrlock Hill
Campbell, Patrick 30 Nov.1846 Lieutenant Commander"Wickham".Carrickfergus
Carroll, Andrew D. 3 April 1837  Lieutenant of StationKillough
Carter, John  18 Nov.1842 C.F.M. Civilian First Mate"Badger",Skibbereen.
Charlesson, R.W. 27 Feb.1843 Lieutenant Commander"Royal George"Carrickfergus
Collins, Francis 4 April 1831Lieutenant of StationCarnsore
Colston, Samuel31 Oct.1828 Lieutenant of StationArthurstown
Clifford, Herbert J. 11 Oct.1823Inspecting LieutenantWaterford
Crocker, Henry20 Jan.1844Lieutenant Commander"Prince Albert" C/fergus.
Cuscaden, William17 April 1843C.S.M. Civilian Second Mate"Eliza" Westport
Dabine, T.D.J. 25 April 1829  Lieutenant of StationBray
Dawson,William (b)  10 Oct.1838 Inspecting LieutenantDulough,Westport
DeCourcy,Michael  3 July 1844 Inspecting Comm.Cove,Cork
Dennehy,Lawrence20 Jan.1842 Lieutenant of StationBallymacaw
Elliott, E.G.27 Feb.1843  Lieutenant of StationOysterhaven, Cork
Fisher, Peter20 Mar.1840Inspecting Comm.Newcastle, Down
Foster, H.D.9 Oct.1840Lieutenant of StationCourtmacsherry
Fowler, William R.M.28 Oct.1843Inspecting LieutenantWest Cove,Tralee
Franklyn, George5 July 1836Lieutenant of StationBlackrock
Gillespie, Andrew  30 April 1845C.S.M. Civilian Second Mate"Viper" Waterford
Goldsmith, Charles 1 April 1845Lieutenant of StationBelfast
Goslin,William H.  17 Nov.1843Lieutenant of StationBarna, Galway
Hamilton, Thomas 3 Oct.1825Inspecting LieutenantMullaghmore, Sligo
Harding, George 28 Feb.1826 Lieutenant of StationBelderig, Sligo
Henri, Alphonso  17 Dec.1821Inspecting LieutenantBallycastle, Sligo
Higgon, Henry M.7 Nov.1842Lieutenant of StationBallycastle, Sligo
Holland, Edward10 July 1845Inspecting CommanderBallycastle, Antrim
Hungerford, Thomas10 Oct.1822  Inspecting LieutenantStrangford
Irwin, Joseph 11 Oct.1823  Inspecting LieutenantMalahide
Keeling, John J. 20 June 1834  Inspecting LieutenantCastletown,Berehaven
Kelly, Timothy  19 Feb.1844Civilian 1st.Mate"Amphitrite" Galway
Kempthorne, C.H.  7 July 1831 Lieutenant of StationOld Head,Kinsale
Kennedy, Arthur   27 May 1842 Lieutenant of StationCushendun
Kennedy, William H. 29 Sept.1846 Inspecting CommanderWexford
Knox, Marcus 21 Nov.1842  Lieutenant of StationPortrush
Lawless, Henry 7 March 1843  Lieutenant of StationBalbriggan
Lawrence, Henry 1 Jan.1833Inspecting LieutenantBallyheighe,Tralee
Lett, Stephen J. 3 April 1837  Lieutenant of StationBar of Lough,Wexford
Lyon, Francis 8 Feb.1837  Lieutenant of StationJack’s Hole, Wicklow
Lyons, William 18 Mar 1834 Lieutenant of StationGlenarm
Macnevin, John27 Nov.1822Lieutenant of StationBallyranghan,Galway
Mann, Robert2 July 1845 Inspecting CommanderKilrush
McAlister, Arch.13 March 1846C.S.M. Civilian Second Mate"Liverpool" Berehaven
McGladery, John  1 Nov.1821 Inspecting LieutenantSheephaven,Dunfanagee
Mesney, William9 April 1844C.S.M. Civilian Second Mate"Jane".Carrickfergus.
Millet, John   20 Oct.1840 Lieutenant of station  Arklow, Wicklow
M'Innes, Alexander18 April 1843 C.S.M. Civilian Second Mate  "Albatross",C/Fergus.
Morriss, Edward 15 Nov.1823   Inspecting Lieutenant Seafield,Clare
Moss, Charles 6 Dec.1846 Lieutenant of StationRobert's Cove
Nugent, John11 Oct.1823  Inspecting Commander  Westport
O'Connell, M.F.  12 Jan.1836 Lieutenant of Station   Tarbeit (Tarbert ?)
Oliver, B. 11 May 1823 Civilian Commander"Prince of Wales", Dublin
Penfold, George Stuart15 Nov.1823Inspecting Lieutenant   Carne,Derry
Phillips, G.(R.M.)8 Dec.1828Lieutenant of StationCove Bay
Pilkington, Edward W.29 Sept.1846Inspecting Commander Kinsale
Pollard, John 2 Aug.1836Lieutenant of Station  Dublin
Poole, Robert   7 June 1831Lieutenant of StationGreystones
Postle, Charles James15 Aug.1846 Inspecting CommanderDundalk
Reynolds, James18 June 1838Lieutenant of StationScattery
Roch, William9 June 1843Civilian 1st.Mate"Chance" Carlingford
Ross, C.W.10 July 1835Lieutenant of StationBallinacourty
Scudamore, W.J.3 Jan.1822 Lieutenant of StationIslands of Kane
Senior, James 31 Oct.1823 Lieutenant of StationRush
Servante, Charles 10 Oct.1838 Inspecting Lieutenant   Carlingford
Sewell, H.F. 30 Mar.1835  Lieutenant of Station Kilmore, Wexford
Skinner, A.M'G.7 July 1840 Inspecting Commander Belfast
Sterne, Williamv11 Oct.1823Inspecting Lieutenant  Dingle
Stokes, Henry 26 May 1845Lieutenant of StationRosslare
Syer, Frederick Chev.20 Feb.1844Inspecting CommanderGlynn,Gorey
Taylor, Walker22 June 1836 Lieutenant of Station Cove,Cork
Travers, James2 June 1846 Lieutenant of Station Barry's Cove
Triphook,R.S.1 Dec.1822 C.F.M. Civilian First Mate   "Hamilton".Kilrush.
Turner, R.J. 24 Feb.1840 Lieutenant of Station Oyster Haven
Wall, Allen  28 Aug.1834  Lieutenant of Station Ballygally
Ward, John R.29 Sept.1846Inspecting Commander  Clifden,Galway
White, Hugh Brice9 Aug.1847 Inspecting Lieutenant  Galway


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