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Crookhaven, March 1867.

Crookhaven, March 1867.

"We, the Undersigned Masters of Vessels have pleasure in bearing testimony to the admirable manner in which the lives of the Crew of the Barque 'Wolverine' were saved on Sunday, March 17th, 1867 during a furious storm from the S.E. by the exertions of Mr Bridger, Chief Officer of Coastguards, and the men under his command at the Rock Island Station.

"The Rocket apparatus was managed with great skill and judgement and was the means of saving the lives of the Crew and bringing them all safely ashore at the Crookhaven Lighthouse.

"Signed J. Stavers Brig 'Durham' J. Cooper Barque 'St. Angelo' August Rudin Ship 'Sverige' A. A. Braburg Barque 'Waino' S. M. Kulints Ship 'Victor Emmanual' Chas Evans Ship 'Her Royal Highness' Isaac Notter Ship Agent, Crookhaven John S. Sloane M.R.I.A. Superintendent of Lighthouse Works etc."

Sent in by John Williams.


Extract Committee Minutes - 9th January 1839

"Read letter from Captain Sparshott of 13th December and Captain Ross Inspecting Commander of the Swords District, Ireland, stating the wreck of the Brig Gainsborough on 29th November at Malahide near Dublin when the Master, two seamen and one boy were saved (three men lost) with very great difficulty by Captain Ross, Inspecting Commander, Mr. Jones, Chief Officer, five coastguards and W. Beggs, Master of a small collier, who went off in the 6 oared galley and after making three attempts to reach the wreck, at which the boat filled every time, were compelled to desist and wait a more favourable opportunity, the weather having moderated a little they again launched the boat and succeeded in taking the survivors from the rigging and landed them. Captain Ross and W. Jones received personal injuries and the whole of the boat's crew are stated to have acted in the best possible manner.

Ordered - that the gold medal be presented to Captain Ross and the silver medal to Mr. Jones and Mr. Begg and that an award be made of £2 each to Mr. Jones and Mr. Begg and £1 each to the five coastguard men. The draft for £9 to be sent to Captain Sparshott".

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