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George Henry Barton 1850-1907
Sandra Parker
My GGrandfather was born on the Isle of Wight, joined the Navy in 1868. In 1877 he transferred to the Coast Guard as a boatman until 1883 at Kessingland, Norfolk. By 1891 he was Chief Boatman in charge at Reculvers and then from 1893-after 1901 he was Chief Officer at Herne Bay, both in Kent. By 1906 he was a Naval Pensioner.
My query is his Long Service Medal.
When would it have been awarded? I have attached the reverse of the medal. Around the edge it has "G.H. Barton. Boatn. H.M. Coast Guard"
Having trouble adding pic, although well within limits. Will rty again and then give up.
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Hi Sandra, and welcome to the forum.

Can I suggest that you read my post dated 03/11/2007 on the 'William, George & James McCullen' thread, which details the qualification period for the RN LSGC Medal.

I'm assuming that you have printed off GH Barton's service record from the NA website (link below), this should state the date the medal was awarded, although the notation can be a little cryptic e.g. 'Traced M' and then a date.


Hope this of help.

Regards Martin
Sandra Parker
Thanks for that. I do have his naval service, up to 1887 and then his coast guard to 1904, but there appears no mention of the medal. Will follow your advice.
Will make a further attempt to add the record, but don't seem to be very successful to date.
and wasn't sucessful this time either!
Sandra Parker attached the following image:

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As Martin has said there sould be an annotation of "Traced M" or "Traced Med" on his record of service. It would be followed by a date also.

In his case it would be between 1877 and 1883, as these were the dates of his service in the rank of Boatman.

Below is an example of wht to look for, it will be in the "Remarks" column on the right hand side of the page.

All the Best

HughVaugh attached the following image:

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Sandra Parker
Thank you all for your interest and advice and my very special thanks to Martin, the medal ribbon is very much appreciated.
Sandra Smile Smile
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