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Tracing George Jarvis
Hello Forum - this is my first post! I don't have too many maritime ancestors, but have just been able to find a bit more about the son of my 2 X great grandfather, George Jarvis. I found his naval record in Archway, and by luck it was digitised, so I got it straight away. There was a list of his postings from 1858 when he was 18, starting with the ship Hastings, then the Nile, which got into difficulties and the crew was transferred to the Sans Pareil. After that, he was on the Hawke, and the Prince Consort. But the next ship, and what is written in his conduct column, is hard for me to decipher. I wonder if someone could give my a hand with it?

In 1868 he signed on for another 10 years. The last notation suggests that he transferred to the Coast Guard, where he stayed until 1873. Then he seems to have discharged - again, I am not sure of the reason. I does not figure as a death that I have found so far, in 1873.

George's uncle Charles Jarvis was in the coastguard, based at Folkstone, Kent and died in 1880, but I can't find any connection between them, nor a census record after 1851 or marriage for George so far as an adult. He is not on a list of coastguards, on another website I found the 'British Coastguard personnel' although is uncle Charles is. Could someone look at this list, and perhaps give me a clue where I may find out about his time in the coastguard, and further if possible? Cheers!
familysleuth attached the following image:
Welcome to the Forum Familysleuth.

Like you I cannot read the entry after Prince Consort, but the entry in the conduct column is Pend. - Pensioned.

The reason you have been unable to find George in the Census is that he was posted to Ireland. I have been unable to find his first entry, but he was at Tarbert in Sept 1868, so my guess is this was his first station. On 15 Nov 1872 he was removed to North Arran, from where he was pensioned in May 1873. To view these entries yourself download ADM 175/53 and go to pdfs 205 and 230.

Re uncle Charles, he entered the CG Service from HMS Comet, and subsequently served in the Royal Navy again during the Crimean War on HMS Blenheim, being awarded the Baltic Medal.

I did find a Merchant Seamen's Ticket for Charles (No.289,264) on FMP and a possible Ticket for George (No.18,774), but although I could view Charles's ticket I was unable to find George's.

Thankyou very much for this information, Martin, I appreciate your reply. I looked a bit more thoroughly in the Archives and found ADM/188/63 which has a more readable entry, showing he was 'shore pensioned' on the 17th May 1873. I downloaded the set you suggested, and found those records as well. As you know, Irish records are patchy... I have considered that he settled in Ireland (maybe having found a wife) but although civil reg has a fair chance of picking him up, and there were few Jarvis surnames, the only possibility (from a combination of sources) is a death in 1873 in Cork, or a marriage in Downpatrick in 1876 with a possible son George Jarvis born 1876 in Cork again. Nothing from NZ or Australia, although I have not done a thorough search on the latter. If he went back to England, then his records are certainly hard to find. I suppose it is possible that he found his way to the US...
The good news is that I found what I did, with your help, so thanks again! I also found some intriguing newspaper accounts of some of his voyages - what a life, that sea-faring was! Both dangerous and exciting at times. George also had an uncle George (1823 - 1913), who had a truly remarkable life, which is very well chronicled. After a long and distinguished career in the Navy, including being 'ship keeper' on the Victory after losing an eye, he went to Utah where he used his remarkable rigging skills in the building of a Mormon temple.

I will continue to look for younger George, but he seems a bit mysterious at present! Cheers!
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