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children of CG born in ireland
I ahve tried several avenues to trace the birth certificate of my G/Dad born 1850 in Ireland.His Dad was a boatman/coastguard serving from Portacloy.
Could his birth have been registered with the coastguard body in england? as anyone any ideas as to how I can find out. thank you
Civil birth certificate officially started in Ireland around 1850s but actual recording births was patchy until about 1870s so you need to look at Church records or possibly national school records (most do not exist for this time period).

If the CG had a family sometmes they lived in rented accomodation and so the father may have an entry in Griffiths Valuation which was started in 1846. This may help in identifying probable church and school location.

Most church records can be search in

AFAICT you have not written his surname unless it is Vincent.
thank you for replying i will try the griffith valuations next. freda
Hi. I found my Grandmother birth in Balbriggan/dublin got B/Cert does not say CG..just place of birth. traced them all born Ireland. still looking at records tho for station where my G/ grandad based. good luck its rewarding even tho challenging.

June :-)
j richardson
Thank you for that might try the irish appointment books free to down load from the national archives. they have a number of books he may just turn up.
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