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Dunkeehan/portacloy cg/stations
Hello does anyone have info on the above CG station.My GG/grandad Thomas Vincent was stationed here.My G/grandad was born at portacloy and I am hoping to find traces of these stations.I have found Portacloy on the map but see no trace of a station.I am going may time to Ireland to visit this area.Does anyone have any info which might help me. cheers freda
Have you looked at the maps on ?

If you use the on line viewer - zoom into Portacloy and then change to the 6" map (control panel on RHS). It will show the map of PortaCloy around 1840-1860 and the location of CG station buildings are clearly shown.

Then use Bing map (better than google for this place) near the same location, now mostly modern building but looks like one small stone building/shed and some squarish outlines in the land match where the CG building were.
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Hello bpa i have folled your instruction and many thanks for showing me the layout of the stations.I look forward to my visit and hopefully will have more info and a few pics to post onto the site
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