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Composition of crew of Arklow Lifeboats in the 1870s.
Ray Halpin
Hi - I've just undertaken a general research project on the history of Arklow and Wicklow in the late 1870s. I'm particularly interested in the composition of the lifeboat crews in both towns at that time. I'm guessing that a lifeboat was generally manned by Catholics, but I don't know that for sure. Given the level of sectarianism in Arklow at the time, and the fact that the person in charge of rescue attempts was a particularly irascible bigot by the name of Dr Stopford Halpin (a Protestant), I imagine real tensions existed between the Doctor and his Catholic crew. If anyone can tell me anything at all about the religious denomination of Arklow's lifeboat crew in 1870-80, I'd be very grateful.

Thanking you - Ray Halpin.
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