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Coast Guard William TRIGG
I am trying to find the identity of and information about a Coastguard William Trigg born 1805 Prittlewell Essex.
I have been given some information and found some on the National Archives site but an not sure if I have read it correctly.

He may have been baptised in Hadleigh Essex f=Ezekial m=Elizabeth.

He died before 1861 his last daughter was born 1852 probably at Cadoxton Juxta, Barry, Glamorgan and if there was s station there. His wife was a Coastguards widow so perhaps he died in service

I have been told William was posted to Fethard, Co Wexford, Ireland 5th Apr 1834. having previously served, or possibly been nominated, at Ballyvaughan station. Transferred to 'Northshore' on 14th February 1844.
William’s son John TRIGG was born 1837 at Harrylock, Ireland, which is near Fethard and where I understand there were coastguard cottages but no station.

Listed under Gravesent Kent Records up to 1844
R63321 2 Nov 1832 from Haven Hole (Station 11) William Trigg Boatman removed 23 Oct 1833 to North Shore (Station 52) R8029.

North Shore I believe was in the Thanet Kent area. The dates of when he went to North Shore seem to conflict.

I tried to find ‘Haven Hole’ station and wonder if it was Hole Haven, Canvey Island, Essex? This location is near to Hadleigh were he could have been baptised. If so I wonder if his father was also in the coast guards.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the Forum.

In answer to some of your questions I think it would be helpful if I outline his full CG career, based on the ADM 175 CG Establishment Books.

He was first nominated to the CG service on 5 July 1831, having previously served as a Mariner on the Revenue Cruiser Lively. If you were able to get to the National Archives it would be possible to piece together his earlier career by consulting Lively's Muster Book (ADM 119/70). His first posting was to the Coastguard Station at Camber (ADM 175/5 pdf 231), from where he made the following moves:

9 Nov 1831 Haven Hole (ADM 175/5 pdf 12) - is now part of Canvey Island.
2 Nov 1832 Greenhithe (ADM 175/6 pdf 36)
23 Oct 1833 North Shore
5/11 April 1834 Fethard (it was originally intended that he be transferred to Ballyvaughan/Doolan but this was cancelled ADM 175/16 pdf 219)
8 Jan 1841 back to North Shore
13 April 1843 to Kingsdown
10 May 1851 to Pennarth
10 Oct 1857 discharged on superanuation (ADM 175/7 pdf 562).

Re where children were born; during this period most CG men lived in rented cottages near to where they worked, so it is unlikely that a childs place of birth will tie-up exactly with CG Station names. It is only latter that purpose built CG Stations with accommodation were provided.

The BDM index has the death of a William Trigg Jan-Mar Quarter 1860, Vol 11a, page 173 in Cardiff, which could be your man.

On the 1841 Census Ezekiel and Elizabeth Trigg are shown as living in East Street, Prittlewell (Rochford). It might be worth taking 1 day subscription to Essex Ancestors (£5.00) and doing a search of the parish records for St Mary's Prittlewell. If you do please let us know the results.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Martin
Amazing!!! Thank you so much for your time and interest.
My William Trigg was born 1801 in Frant Sussex and subject to a bastardy order his mother Ann I believe came from Rogate in Sussex. Without any other family in the local area I wondered if they were related to William the Coastguard who married in Winchelsea Sussex. My Williams son later lived nr Prittlewell in Essex (due to his Royal Artillery Career). After retiring from the RA his eldest son Mark Trigg was a Customs Officer in 1881 at Greenwich. Sadly I now believe there was no relationship but will direct those I know who are related to this site. Rather than waste this research I will give the outline of what I have found about William the Coast Guard.

William Trigg was born 1804 at Hadleigh Essex (Pallots) f= Ezekiel Trigg m= Elizabeth
I have not found a marriage for his parents
But in 1841 & 1851 Ezekiel Trigg (Agr LaCool born 1779 Halstead Essex Elizabeth his wife (a Launderess) born 1784 in Hadleigh, Essex were living North Street in Prittlewell

Ezekiel and Elizabeth had one other son James Trigg baptised in 1810 at Prittlewell who married Sarah born 1814 in Barling Essex. James was an (Agr LaCool and lived in North Steet Prittlewell 1841-1861 unfortunately by 1871 he was described as an Imbecile an Inmate Rochford Union Workhouse

Working with the census and Glamorgan Parish Records it seems
William not on the 1841 census but was he in Ireland as a coastguard.

William Trigg married 01 Aug 1831 to Mary Anne Brichett in Winchelsea Sussex SFHS & IGI M1418131 (Winchelsea is SSE of Rye by Camber Sands)

In 1851 William Trigg Coastguard is living at Old Stairs Station House, Ringwold, Kent.
William Trigg buried 10 Jan 1860 aged 56 at Cadoxton juxta Barry St Nicholas. FMP
By 1861 his wife is a Coastguards widow living Cadoxton juxta Barry, Glamorgan, Wales.

William and Elizabeth children were
1. Robert Burchet TRIGG born 1833 Prittlewell married Sarah Elizabeth CAVELL 1831 and lived Ringwould Kent
(Children Matilda 1860, Ellen L 1861, Elizabeth 1863, Martha W 1865, Ann S 1867, Henry W 1870, Robert 1871, William 1874)
2. John TRIGG born 1837 Harrylock Ireland marred Mary ? lived Juxta Bay Glam, Wales 1861-1881 and was buried 1890 aged 54 Cadoxton juxta Barry St Nicholas.
3. Elizabeth TRIGG 1839 born Fethard Ireland was buried aged 29 in 1869 Cadoxton juxta Barry St Nicholas. FMP
4. Ezekial TRIGG born 1841 Fethard Ireland and buried aged 18 in 1858 Cadoxton juxta Barry St Nicholas. FMP
5. Charlotte TRIGG born1843 in Kingsdown Kent (Walmer/Deal area). She married 1868 Glamorgan to Henry Telford then married in 1890 to Edwin Joseph Watkins
6. Jane TRIGG 1846 Kingsdown Kent (Nr North Shore where there was a Coast Guard Station)
7. James TRIGG 1848 Kingsdown Kent ? adult baptism James Henry TRIGG bap 1860 f=William m=Mary Ann bapt Cadoxton juxta Barry FMP
8. Maria TRIGG 1850 Kingsdown Kent. ? adult baptism Maria TRIGG bap 1860 f=William m=Mary Ann bapt Cadoxton juxta Barry FMP
9. Sarah Anne TRIGG bap 11 Jan 1853 f=William m=Mary Ann bapt Cadoxton juxta Barry FMP
10. Agnes Elizabeth TRIGG born 1855 buried aged 5 in 1860 at Cadoxton juxta Barry St Nicholas. FMP
11. Louisa TRIGG bap 1856 f=William m=Mary Ann bapt and buried aged 11 months in 1857 at Cadoxton juxta Barry St Nicholas. FMP

Williams own birth in Essex, marriage nr Rye in Sussex and the birth places of his children then his own death all fit with his Coast guard career. Thank you again for your help. There are some relevant Trigg researchers who I will direct to your wonderful site.
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