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Henry Jones (Born Devonport c.1818)
I am researching my 4th Great Grandfather Henry. I have found him in Tenby in 1861 as a Coastguard and in 1871 as a Coastguard pensioner. The census returns show him as being born in Devonport (Plymouth) and he married there in 1837. His daughter (my 3rd G Grandmother) was also born there in 1844, but her younger siblings (born between 1850/1 and 1855) were born in Ireland. I have found a Henry Jones in ADM 175-98(3) who in 1849 was nominated from HMS Hydra to Lighthouse Roberts Cove, which (if it is in Ireland as appears) matches the census info. I have been through the J surnames of the ADM 175-98 index, but haven't spotted any other references to him so far.
I wondered if anyone could give me some pointers to other records, or ideas that may help fill in gaps?
Firstly, given the census info I have, do you think I found the right Henry Jones? Then, as he presumably he transferred to Tenby between 1856 and 1861 where may be a good place to find more info? I will keep digging through ADM files, but on the off-chance someone knows more and can direct me I thought it was worth a post :-)
Thanks in advance for any clues!
LisaT attached the following images:
page_10_from_adm-175-98_3_henry_jones_small.jpg 1861_wales_census.jpg
The naval service record for the Henry Jones who joined the CG Service from HMS Hydra can be purchased from the National Archives (ref: ADM 29/50 page 471) or viewed on Ancestry. From this I was also able to find a further record that showed in 1846 he allotted some of his wages to his wife Ann while serving on HMS Firefly (ADM 27/118/58), I'm not sure what additional information this record contains, but again it can be ordered from the National Archives.

From his service record you will find that he was one of the CGs who re-entered the navy during the Crimean War serving on HMS Royal George and being awarded the Baltic Medal.

Generally the best way to trace a CGs service is using the Establishment Books in ADM 175, in your case starting with his first service at Lighthouse (ADM 175/19 pdf 94) following his posting from station to station.

If you have a subscription to Find my Past it is also worth checking to see if he was issed with a Seaman's Ticket.

Hope this helps, if you get stuck do come back.

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Thank you so much Martin! This is fantastic info on its own, but has given me some great pointers as well. I will go exploring and see what I can find. Thanks again - I really appreciate you taking the time to help!

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Just another note to say thank you! I have managed to track down all his coastguard transfers (Whitegate, Cork to Roberts Cover, Cork to Penarth to Pembroke (during which time he went to Crime) to Tenby. I will order the wages doc when the NA systems let me tomorrow morning, but have been able to upload the rest of the documents to my tree. I also have the record of the Baltic Medal he was awarded (and found a painting of the Royal George and others as they set off on the Baltic campaign).

I have also found some records form one of the other ships he was on, the HMS Ringdove. He served on there from 1837-1841 and it sounds like they got up to quite a bit in that time (and that he can't have seen much of his new wife!): https://sites.roo...03949.html

I'm a bit giddy at having so much information as for lots of my family from this time I am lucky if they are on a census return and in BMD records! It is the few seafarers who I have been able to learn a bit more about.
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Glad to have been of help, but I did wonder if you also saw what are called the 'Ships Establishment Books' for later service in the CGs. For Henry these are in ADM 175/62 (piece 1) pdf 11 & 175/63 (piece 1) pdf 14, the only records I found that contained a date of birth.

Great, thank you! I will take a look :-)
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