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Henry Maunder
Jeff Clark
Hello. I'm searching for information about Henry Maunder (1819-1898).
He served in the navy from 1840 to 1872. From 11.1854-3.1872 he served with the Coast Guard in Ireland, possibly as a chief boatman.
He and his wife Priscilla had 12 children while they were living in Ireland.
Henry (Coastguard Pensioner) died on 23 Sept 1898 at 14 Percy Street, Shankill, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
I'd be grateful for any information about Henry. Thank you.
Hi Jeff

You do seem to have the bones of Henry's service, but I'm unclear as to what further information you are after. Are you trying to trace his movements while in the CG Service? If so your best bet is to access the ADM 175 records online on the National Archive website and track his career - these are available as free downloads.

I can tell you that he was one of the CG's recalled to the Navy during the Crimean War, serving on HMS Prince Regent & Royal Albert, for which he recieved the Baltic Medal. I also know that he had a Seamans Ticket issued (295155) this can be access if you have a subscription to FMP, useful because they normally include a physical description.

From my earlier research into CGs' who served in the Crimean War, I have his date of birth as 25/01/1820.

If you do require any further help feel free to come back to me.

Regards Martin
Jeff Clark
Hi Martin

Thanks for the information. I will certainly look at the National Archive records.

Regards, Jeff
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