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Rocket brigade , whitehaven 1911-1936
Folks I'm trying to trace a relative John J Routledge ( born Whitehaven, UK approx 1863) who was a member of the above.

John was awarded a long service medal for use in the rocket life saving apparatus, I persume around the above dates.

Any info / points of contact would be greatly recieved . Ive tried the board of trade site, and drawn a blank.
Hi, and welcome to the Forum.

I cannot throw any light on your man, but can tell you a little about the medal.

The medal was approved in March 1911, with the general public being informed of its issue in June 1911. The rules for its award stated: 'To entitle a man to a medal - he must have served at least 20 years, been of uniformly good character and prompt and regular in rendering service when called out on wreck duty and at quarterly drills, and be recommended'

The statistics for the Rocket Apparatus Corp at the time were impressive: 9,407 lives had been saved since 1870 and then there were currently 4,400 enrolled volunteers in 251 companies and 6 brigades, of whom 950 had served in excess of 20 years!

Cheers martin, every little bit helps
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