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hms vanguard court martial
I am wondering if anyone might know some aspects of the court martial following the loss of hms vanguard in 1875. The reason I ask is because my great grandfather was one of the Coastguard men (Roche's Point Station) on board for the summer training cruise and on Sept 26th his daughter, my grandaunt, was born in Aghada but her baptism wasn't done until October 10th. An unusual delay. The survivors from Vanguard were transferred to Iron Duke which I believe returned to Dun Laoghaire. Were these men brought to England before being transferred back to their Irish stations? Did Iron Duke return the men to the Cork stations and when? Were the men required at the court martial? I am curious whether or not my great grandfather was present at the birth on Sept 26th. I am compiling a history of this branch of my family and I just know there will be a question on this detail from some family member!
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