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Deciphering Service Record
[img][/img]Hello all,

i am looking for assistance in deciphering the smaller details in the attached screenshots of the service record of my great grandfather, William Kennedy. I am fine with the columns from Character to Discharge but I am at a loss with the columns showing Badges and Seaman's Gunner Cert along with Cause of Discharge. One of those Causes looks like 'Prison Hong Kong' which ties in with an old story about him. I am also curious about the entry under 'Coastguard' in the Ship it St George? Finally, relating to Hawke and Achilles, were these CG guardships? And if so, where might he have been stationed? I would really appreciate any help.

Kind regards,

Liam O Connor
Liam1960 attached the following images:
screenshot_18.png screenshot_17.png
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