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Revenue cutter "Nimble"
Hi,I am trying to find some info on the service of the Nimble from 1826 onwards she was commanded by Robert Loney(well documented) and later R.White. Have located Muster Book but the log book is not available.
Many of the crew were from Devon and Cornwall so assume she was operative in those waters.
Any help would be appreciated. Peter.
I have some information of the ships The Nimble was a tender to, as my g-g-grandad was on her between 1860 and 1869 and I have his Continuous Service Record. Although he was born in Kent (to a coastguard), his wife was born in Exmouth, Devon.
A predecesor of mine also served on this cutter, sometime around the mid 1800's, i would be interested in any info anybody has, or particulary in a picture if one exists.

If you go to the National Maritime Museum catalogue and enter 'Revenue Cutter' in the search box this returns a number of images of revenue cutters, not Nimble specifically, but she would look very similar to those shown.;start=0


Thanks Martin, that's great.

Done a bit more digging myself in the mean time and came up with:

Has a description of a cutter called the Nimble and for which the dates seem to fit.


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