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Pidgeon Point/Old Head 1847
I have been unable to discover a death certificate or details of :
Coastguard - Joseph COPPLESTONE -
Discharged dead 27 Jan 1847. Apparently falling to his death from cliffs.
Also : Would there be details of him joining the Coastguards in Fowey in 1821. ie: Parents - Spouse - etc....

and - thankyou for your previous answers to my Westport Coastguard posting. I have taken all onboard - and have bought a couple of certificates.

However I cannot find how to view the Marriage certificates :
1847 Louisa - 1855 Catherine - 1866 - Harriet - COPPLESTONE'S.Frown
In Ireland the civil registration of deaths only started in 1864 - so death certs only start after 1864 and even then it is patchy for about 10-15 yrs. Pre-1864 the best source of death information would be church burial records but these records are incomplete for many reasons.

Like Death certs -civil marriage registration only started in 1864 but Non-Roman Catholic marriages were recorded from 1845.

There is no online way of looking at GRO marriage certs and there is no online ordering service either. You have to either visit the GRO office or request a search and photocopy of the record given the details you know from the index ( see http://www.groire...e/fees.htm ) which means names, year and registration office.

That said, the main have records that
Louisa Copplestone married John Anderson on 27 Sep 1847
Harriet Copplestone married John Kennedy in 1866.

It may be worth checking CG records for the above names. However I am doubtful of the "John Kennedy" as the GRO does not have a corresponding 1866 Marriage record for John Kennedy registered in Westport - only a record registered in Swineford which is a different area.

Check out the John Anderson entry here - it looks like a match for Louisa.

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I can add a little more info regarding John Anderson. During the Crimean War he was called up, serving on HMS Princess Royal, for which he was awarded the Baltic Medal that was sent to Folkstone CGS.

Following service in the Baltic, Princess Royal sailed to the Black Sea. Many of the CG Men who served on her in the Baltic remained on board; John Anderson was one such man. For this service he received the Crimea Medal with Sebastopol clasp and the Turkish Crimea Medal.

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I have found the "John Kennedy" GRO marriage record to match Harriet Copplestone's - in the online GRO index there is a marriage record in 1866 Westport for "John Kenneddy" .The extra "d" could be a transcription error somewhere but it meant normal searches failed.
Once again - many thanks for your information.
I feel sure that Joseph (Coastguard) and Louisa COPPLESTONE are my ancestors - BUT - I am unable to absolutely claim them until my Gt Gt G'Mother's birth certificate shows up. ie: - Elizabeth Parson COPPLESTONE - b aprox 1842 in Westport County Mayo to Joseph and Louisa COPPLESTONE. Elizabeth migrated to Aust in 1864 and married in Victoria in 1868.
I have a letter that states Will Anderson's mother was a Harriet Copplestone. I have no other information regarding the above Will. other than he lived in Liverpool in 1916. He was related to us.
Confusion now reigns - because it is Louisa that marries an ANDERSON. Maybe the letter is incorrect !!
Where do I go to find more details regarding Joseph - please.... I am a member of ancestry and also have a credit with Irish Family History.
Many thanks once again.....Margaret....
To find some evidence of Elizabeth as a daughter of Louisa and Joseph I think you should try and complete the family tree around her. Then you may find indications that she exists - I have found the sponsors (aka godparents) in baptism records are usually close relatives or immediate neighbours and can provide new avenues.

The names of the first chidren often are the same as some of the grandparents so I'd expect some Josephs and Louisas.

Unless the IFHF site has omitted or incorrectly entered the baptism records then I think you will not find a definitive record which links Elizabeth to Joseph & Louisa. You could check the Church register yourself as most are on microfilm and are available in a few National Libraries worldwide and FamilySearch history centres ( ).

The following are some initial guess at other children of Joseph and Louisa and for which there are no baptism records.

Richard Coppleston - b Feb 1832 Westport according to 1891 England census. Was at boarding school near Chester in 1841 (Eng. Census). Became a coastguard and has a Kew service record ADM 139/62 Volunteered 1 Oct 1853 also ADM 188/67. For summary see http://www.genuki...rds/C.html and also search ancestry for census entries. The 1851 entry birthplace info looks like bad transcription.

Harriet Coppleston - GRO marriage records for John Kennedy in 1866 which means Harriet's latest dob is 1845. There are two Kennedy baptism records whose father name is John for Ougheval C.of.I - Louisa 1869 and Joseph in 1872. There is a GRO death record for a Hariet Kennedy in 1881 (est dob 1845) and an 1881 church burial in Ballinrobe (CofI).

In there are baptism records for Margaret Copplestone and Jane Heraghty (mother Margaret Copplestone, father Gerald Heraghty) of Cahirtrant CG Station on 13th April 1862 in Dingle RC. Also baptism record for Margaret Heraghty (mother Margaret Copplestone, father Gerald Heraghty) on 14 march 1865 Dingle RC . I think Margaret Copplestone married Gerald Heraghty but was not recorded in a church as it was a mixed marriage but she needed to be baptised into RC so that children could be baptised. Cahirtrant CG is Ventry, Kerry and a William Herraghty is the Chief Boatman there from about 1861 until 1868 so it looks like Gerald is the son of William. William Herraghty was from Innislyre (coincidence ?). Assuming Margaret Heraghty is first bortn then Margaret Copplestone latest dob is about 1840.

Catherine's GRO marriage record would give the spouse's name and from that any children can be traced.

Summary of Joseph & Louisa's possible children
Marianne - 1824
N/R - 1826
Louisa - 1828
Richard - 1833
Catherine - abt. 1834
Margaret - 1840
Elizabeth -1842
Harriet - 1845

There is another possibility to consider - that Elizabeth married a Copplestone but was widowed young. My basis for this theory is that "Parson" is an unusual Christian name - it is more likely a surname. Some families adopted a maternal surname as a second forename (i.e. it is not a double barelled surname) in fact there is a branch of my family in which all the children have "Parsons" as their second name and it came from an earlier generation. None of the other Copplestone children have "Parson" so it is possible that Elizabeth Parson married into the Copplestones. There are a few "Parson"/"Parsons" in Mayo around 1840-60.

There doesn't seem to be any WIlliam Anderson mentioned on any Census entry for Louisa Anderson's family.
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Once again many many thanks. I will now work on Joseph and Louisa's children - going back through census to try and tie in with "my Elizabeth Parson".
I did find a marriage cert. for a Richard Copplestone and Mary PARSON - in Fowey in 1796.
The fact that the above Joseph joined the Coastguards in Fowey in 1821- maybe she was named after her Grandmother ???
I have been unable to find Joseph's birth cert. or marriage cert. or death cert.
Elizabeth came to Australia in 1864 - according to my Grandma - with the Reverand Potter.
She married Henry Sutton in 1868. On her marriage certificate it stated she was a housemaid from Westport County Mayo and that was where she was born - Parents Joseph and Louisa Mary Copplestone. (nee Williams)
I shall now do as you suggest and work around Elizabeth's siblings to try and make a connection.

The "Parson" explanation sounds plausible and probably more likely that my early widow idea, especially as one son is named "Richard" .

Since marriage between coastguard families happens often, it may be worth checking whether Louisa Williams was a daughter of a coastguard especially as there seem to be very few Williams families in Galway. In 1825, at the same time Joseph was in Cleggan there is a boatman called Edward Williams coming from Albington, Dover ?. If there are others doing the "Williams" family tree you may get a lead.

Thankyou once again ------

I leave for the UK on a 10wk holiday in a couple of days - so must leave my "search" till my return.

However - May I just ask you - What ADM would I look at to get Joseph's personal details. (Joined at Fowey 1821)

Also - on Familysearch I found Catherine Copplestone's marriage 1855 - but no mention of spouse. Where else should I look.

Margaret (Perth West Aust)
The Catherine Coppleston record in comes from the civil records index (aka GRO index ). The records are indexed by name. You need to buy a copy of the record to get full details of the recorded marriage typically church, witnesses and both father names and occupations. You can get this record by post using details from the index see http://www.groire...e/fees.htm - you only need photocopy not a certificate. If you were in Dublin you can visit the GRO office and get the record for same 6euro.

If you have a possible name of a spouse - you can look up the possible spouse names in the index and I think if the "film number" or possibly vol& page matches on the "possible" and Coppleston records, I think you may have found a match.

There seems to be only one 1855 Marriage record with same vol &page nos. as Catherine and that is for Reuben Anderson.
There is a UK 1871 Census entry for a Reubin Anderson (b abt 1834 Portsmouth) married to a Catherine b abt 1831 in Clifton, Ireland. Reuben Anderson b. 1833 Portsmouth has a Navy service record - volunteering in 1860.

The UK 1871 Census entry has 3 sons: Joseph, Richard and William. In 1871 this Anderson family is living in Birkenhead which is just across the river from Liverpool. This could add to your confusion about "Will Anderson"

If you have access then there is a public "John G's ancestry" family tree which has a Joseph Copplestone Anderson record ( ) born in Westport, Mayo in 1856 which seems to tie Reuben Anderson to Catherine Copplestone. Joseph Anderson carries on Navy tradition as he is on HMS Excellent in UK 1881 Census.
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Oh dear - How do you manage to find out so much. Thanks to you - the pieces are coming together.
Hi there,
I noticed your post as my great, great, great grandfather was William Heraghty who was married to Margaret Copplestone. He was a coastguard in Ventry. Did you find out if you were related to William?
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