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Morris Castle Cottages
Colin Game

does anybody have any phtographs of the Coastguard Cottages for the Morris Castle station or can authenticate photograph(s) of what we believe to be the cottages ? At the time of taking the photos, there was nobody at all in the vicinity to ask whether we had the correct buildings.

The reason for the enquiry is that my Grandmother was born in one of them according to her birth certificate.

Thanks Colin
Colin Game attached the following image:

I would also be interested in any information as my great grandfather (Alfred Thorpe) was a Coastguard at Morris Castle and my grandafther (George Thorpe) was born there in1876.


Nigel HewittWink
Me too. I'm interested in Thomas Smallcombe who was stationed there as a Chief officer from 1887 to 1896. The picture looks like the style of other CG houses.
Roger Willoughby

I just spotted this thread through a Google search and even though it's old I thought I'd reply - I hope that's allowed under the forum rules.

I just wanted to confirm that the above picture is the Morriscastle coastguard station. The cottages are holiday homes now (some available for rent) and the larger house at the end is my family's holiday home.

We have very little by way of history about the house other than it was burnt out at some stage in the 1920s by republicans. If you have any more information about it I'd be very interested!

Thanks Gordon
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