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Boatman _ Taylor at Cloughey in 1908
I'm trying to identify the first name (and hopefully some more details) of a Boatman Taylor who won a French lifesaving medal for a rescue in November 1908 near Cloughey. Can anybody help?



Taylor, -. Boatman, HM Coastguard, Cloughey. French lifesaving medal in silver (2nd class). 14.11.1908. Down.
Award: During a severe gale on 13 November 1908 the barque Croisset went aground on the South Rock, near Cloughey, on the Ards Peninsula. The Cloughey lifeboat, crewed by Taylor and others, went to the scene and despite the severe conditions succeeded in saving the crew of over 20 men during a four hour rescue.
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Roger Willoughby
Nothing on Taylor so far. The only success I've had is that the full name of one of the other men was a Jesse Solway. He was still a Coastguard at Cloghy in the 1911 census (that's how it was spelled in the census). Unfortunately, Rose and Taylor were no longer stationed at Cloghy in 1911.
Jesse Solway was an ex-navy man, born Shut, Devon, about 1874. He's easy to find on in various censuses.
I'll keep looking.
Thanks Noel for this. Hopefully some other reference to him will turn up that mentions his first name.
Roger Willoughby
While going through the death certs for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland I can across Jesse Solway, and put out a Google search for him, and that is how I ended up on this page His information may be of use to you. I have put him forward to the 'In From The Cold Project' but I know he will not be added unless it can be proven he died as a member of the R.N.
Died at the Coastguard Station, Kingstown (Now Dunlaoghaire, County Dublin), on 17/09/1914, from acute nephritis, cardiac dilation, certified. H Woodger, C.P.O., of the same station was present at his death.
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