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stranding Volkerak 1951
The 17th of March, 1951, the Dutch coaster "Volkerak" stranded on the Isle of Wight, on blackgang Chine, near Catherina's Point. Acoording to a Dutch newspaper it was the Yarmouth coastguard that got the crew from the ship, using a breaches boy. A photograph was taken of the crew, together with two men of the coastguard. The man with the raincoat and the one with the hat are coastguard, the others are members of the crew.

Is there anyone who has stories about the stranding and/or who the two men are? What does "L.S.A." stand for?
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The Coastguard service has undergone changes since its setting up in 1822. The Auxiliaries, the direct descendents of the 'Extra Men' were enrolled into companies to work the life-saving apparatus, to man the auxiliary watch stations, and as reliefs to the regulars in Coastguard Stations.
L.S.A. (Life-saving Appliance) Men, - This term would include all members of Life-saving Companies, and other volunteers who assist at Stations which, while not provided with full life-saving appliances, have some equipment for rendering equipment.
A fine photo following a fine act of rescue.
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