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Robert Patterson Kerry 1850/ Louth 1865
My Great great grandfather Robert Patterson is listed on his son William's marriage certificate in Galway 1882 as a Coastguard

He is the co-signatory for William joining the Navy in 1865 at Dunany Point CGS.

And William was born at Castlegregory CGS in Kerry in 1850.

Apart from his links to William, I have been unable to find any other information relating to Robert at all.

He is not stated on the Navy lists on this site and I have been unable to trace him on either British or Irish censuses.I'd really like to see how far back the family goes in Ireland.

Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance Smile

Welcome to the Forum Rosie

I have put together some information relating to Robert.

He first entered the CG service from the Revenue Cruiser Kite prior to 1837 - there is a little confusion over the date, however, his first posting was to Brandon CGS (ADM 175/18 pdf 164). On 1 March 1837 he transferred to Dingle following his promotion to Commissioned Boatman (175/18 pdf 161), he then made the following moves:

8 June 1844 to Castlegregory (175/19 - 172)
14 June 1858 to O'meath
1 Nov 1858 to Carlingford (175/19 - 438)
30 Jan 1864 to Dunany Point (175/20 - 394) promotion to Chief Boatman
Sept 1866 to Green(?) point (175/20 - 401)

At this point I stopped tracing his movements, but it cannot be long before he retired.

Of really good news for you is the latter ships CG Books give his date of birth as 1 March 1812, Drumack, County Antrim (ADM 175//40 pdf 190).

One last piece of information for you, is that during the Crimean War he served aboard HMS Caesar as an able seamen, ships no. 292, for which he received the Baltic Medal.

Regards Martin
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