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Rpbert Bennett ROSS
Martin, can you help, sorry to bother you again with my Robert Bennett queries but the guy seems an enigma..... I find him in Ross in 1851. ADM175/19 page 278) that record shows him disharged from there in 1857 (retired) i assume. Yet he appears in another record ADM175/19 page 272 (Belderig) as Permanent extra man with the same discharge ref. the confusion arises because of the (what I assume) to be ditto marks against his record. The one above for Thomas Dunn says he was last posted onboard the HMS Malacca. And having visited the National Archives at KEW he is listed in the muster book, Robert Bennett is not. and I have found a newspaper article putting him still in Ross in 1855. the article is listing people donating to the crimean war wives and orphans charity..all the coastguard staff donated... Could the ditto marks just be laziness from the officer writing up the record??? and in kew the staff could not give me any help in finding the letters reffered to in the records within the ADM documents
john bennett
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