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Help in where to go next William M O'Connor HMS Ajax
I have just discovered that my GGUncle signed up for the HMS Ajax in June 1861, however his record from Kew has no information on ships sailed etc, somebody has suggested that he was discharged between signing and serving or he scarpered, is there anyway I can verify this? thanks in advance.
The only suggestion I have requires a visit to the National Archives at Kew, where you would need to consult Ajax's Description Book for the period you are interested in. This book is organised as a series of crew lists arranged by rate i.e. there will be separate lists for Boys 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class as well as ordinary members of the crew and Royal Marines.


The appropriate list will show when he signed on and the reason for leaving - if he deserted it will have an 'R' against his name.

In addition to the above it will have a place of birth, age and physical description so you know you have the right man.

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