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Archibald Lawless (About 1813-?)
Hi, Sorry, I may have posted this before - a few years ago, but I'm still stumped. Archibald Lawless was described in Court Records as a Coastguard in Wicklow, but I can't find any trace of him anywhere. I believe he was born about 1813, as we think we have found a baptism in Wicklow on 26 Sept 1813. He had 6 children with Maria Troy, but we can't find any record of a Marriage, and Maria moves to Wales by 1869, and she declares herself a widow in 1871. All we can find for Archibald is the baptism, 4 court appearances (mainly as the Complainant) and 4 references on his children's Marriage Certificates as sailor/Custom House Officer (deceased)/ Captain of the Coastguards (deceased) and Coastguard Officer (deceased).
Any ideas please? Thank you in advance.
Sue Restell
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