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Some Co. Down Coastguard Family Headstone Inscriptions.

The Smugglers [founded on fact - 1834]
Is this just a tale of smuggling, or the cruel account of a father's worst nightmare?

The Five Mile Point Boating Catastrophe. 1899
An inquest was held in the boathouse, Five-Mile Point, on Tuesday at 11 o�clock, on the body of Frederick Roncliffe, aged 31 years...

The Coastguards go to War, 1854
With the outbreak of war in the Crimea the Fleet needed volunteers to man warships in home waters and maintain blockade of ships carrying goods to Russia...

Childhood Memories
Childhood memories of a Donegal Coastguard Station. Extract from the Autobiography of Bernard William Wheyman...

The Crimean War raged for two years between Russia on one side and Turkey, France, Britain and later Sardinia on the other....

The Coastguard, Past and Present
Probably no department of the Government service has undergone a more complete transformation during the brief period of its existence than the Coastguard.

The Life Savers
The roots of organised life saving were laid down as early as the 18th century with the creation of community volunteer groups.

Mid Atlantic Rescue
Coastguard rescue in mid Atlantic of Aircraft passengers 960 miles from Ireland.

Smuggling was not an honest trade, but it was a highly lucrative one.

Attack on Torr Head Station
On 11th September 1920 the Torr Head (Co. Antrim) Coastguard Station and War Signal Station was raided by about fifty disguised, armed men who stole five revolvers, 280 rounds of ammunition, rockets, four telescopes, two pair of binoculars, the heliograph, and the G.P.O. telephone....

Coastguards Strength 1839
In England there were 1,924 men ashore and 970 afloat; in Ireland 1,584 ashore and 298 afloat; and in Scotland 227 ashore and 180 afloat, totalling 6,183 at a cost of �517,809, a formidable sum for those days....

Our Coastguard
An erroneous, though very popular, idea is entertained that he passes most of his time in loafing about with tele-scope under his arm, doing nothing in particular, except occasionally raising his glass and looking out to sea....