1845. Famine Relief


Great Famine in Ireland 1845/6

Incoming letters to Relief Famine Committee.

RLFC 3/1/3474. Sir James Dombrain.

Reporting crisis conditions along coasts of Galway and Mayo, disputing assertions of Sir Randolph Routh that the food scarcity was part of the annual cycle of distress along the seaboard and appealing for the immediate Commencement of Public Works and distribution of Indian Corn to avert intense suffering.

RLFC 3/1/4934. P.A.Helpman, Inspecting Commander Coastguard, Clifden.

Rejecting John Smith's complaint about the quality of meal issued at Cleggan and describing it as good wholesome food suitable for the Navy or Army. 30/7/1846

(John Smith complained that a lot of the Indian Meal was ruined in transit due to seepage of rainwater and seawater. He stated that in Clifden many became ill on foot of the consumption of 18 sacks of rotten meal.)


Reference; National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

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