1898. Kynocks Fire Admiralty Enquery


Arklow Coastguard Station, Co.Wicklow.

Admiralty enquiry whether Messrs. Kynocks Cordite Factory constitutes a source of danger to the Coastguard Station.


In reply to Admiralty letter of March 1st. 1898. I beg to state that since the establishment of this factory, one explosion has occurred. The result of this was that many of the windows of the Station were broken and portions of the ceiling were cracked and portions of the same fell.

While there may not be any actual danger to life and limb it is apparently clear that much injury would occur to the nervous systems of the women and children from shock which would naturally follow a serious explosion.. It might also be borne in mind that the Government Factories of Cordite where the greatest care and caution is exercised repeated explosions have occurred accompanied by loss of life in some cases.

It might be suggested to the Admiralty that it might be well to seek the opinion of the Inspector of Explosives in charge of inspection of these works on behalf of the Government who is familiar with the relative position of the factory and the Coastguard Station.

J.Millward. 8th.March 1898


The substance of the accident report should be communicated to the Department of Works adding that as the demand increases for Cordite the works will probably be extended in the direction of the Station and a serious explosion much nearer the houses than that which occurred some time since would in all probability do serious damage to the structure of the houses.

T.Mellon 9th.March 1898.

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Reference; O.P.W. Files, National Archives, Bishop St. Dublin 8.

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