Glossary of Customs and Excise terms

Glossary of Customs and Excise terms.

  • Anker: A measure of spirits, generally 7 1/2-8 gallons. Half Anker barrels of approximately 4 gallons became the usual size for easy transport.

  • Bat: A long wooden stave used as a weapon by smugglers.

  • Boatsitter: A chief boatman in the Preventive Waterguard.

  • Coast Blockade: The preventive system in Kent and Sussex 1817-1831.

  • Coastguard: (first called Coast Guard) The national preventive service under Capt. W. Bowles, appointed 1822.

  • Coastwaiter: The Customs officer responsible for vessels from home ports.

  • Collector: The head of the Custom personnel at each port.

  • Comptroller: The Collector's deputy at larger ports.

  • Cutter: A single masted vessel, rigged like a sloop, but with a running bowsprit.

  • Dragoon: A mounted soldier.

  • Exciseman: An officer responsible for accessing and collecting Excise Duty.

  • Flink Pistol: Used to flash a signal; in appearance like a starting gun.

  • Free trader: A smuggler.

  • Galley: A large open rowboat, typically propelled by up to 20 oars.

  • Geneva: Gin, also known as Hollands.

  • Hanger: A sword.

  • Huer: A man who kept watch for pilchard shoals.

  • Landwaiter: The Customs official who supervised the unloading of ships from foreign ships.

  • Lugger: A vessel with four-cornered sails, rigged fore and aft.

  • Owler: Anyone smuggling wool out of England.

  • Pilchard palace or cellar: Where pilchards were stored and pressed for oil.

  • Preventive Waterguard: Preventive service established in 1809 covering country in three districts; patrols by cutters and small preventive boats.

  • Privateer: A privately owned armed vessel holding a government commission to wage war on enemy ships.

  • Riding Officer: Officer in the Customs service appointed to patrol on horseback, initially to counter the owling trade.

  • Run: A successful landing of contraband.

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