The Coastguard Cutter Vol1 No7

July 2003
Vol 1 - No.7.

The "Lady Margaret"

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Greencastle Co.Donegal.
Chief Officer’s house :
5 rooms, 1 sitting room, 21’ x 16’. 2 bedrooms 16’ x 10’.1 bedroom 13’ x 12’. 1 kitchen, 16’ x 14’.
Eleven cottages for the men, containing each :1 bedroom 12’ x 10’ 6”.1 bedroom 14’ 6” x 14’6x . 1 kitchen, 12’ x 14’. Pantry 10’ x 6’. 1 cottage is used as a Watch room and boat-house
Lease 1858.

Officers House and 6 cottages erected by the Crown 1875.
November 2002, Tramore Coastguard Station, a €3.2 Million refurbishment by the Office of Public Works. The Irish Coastguard will occupy the main three-storey building and two of the original coastguard cottages. The boathouse will be restored. The remainder 4,500 sq. ft. of open plan will be available for State and Community use. It is expected to be finished in December 2003.

As some may be aware there is now a Forum for Coastguard enthusiasts on the site, if you have a question then just post it on the forum and then check back from time to time to see if someone has the information you were looking for. You may also be able to answer queries others have posted.


Extra! Extra!

Irish Times Tuesday 12th.July 1921.
Coastguard Station Attacked.

About 40 armed men attempted to burn Greencastle coastguard station, County Donegal at half past one o’clock yesterday morning. The attempt was unsuccessful. The damage done to the building was very slight.


Dear Friend,

Welcome to the July edition of "The Coastguard Cutter".

Small museums are generally run by enthusiasts with a love for the past. Today we can learn so much in them, but do we visit as often as we should. Some are here today and gone to-morrow. The Maritime Museum housed in the old Mariners Church in Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin with its wonderful collection of shipping items has had to close, temporarily we hope, due to lack of funds to pay insurance, building repairs etc. The site is perfect due to its Maritime history. Will things improve in the near future ?.

I would be glad to receive any coastguard information, stories or general snippets and pass it on in to our readers.


The Maritime Museum in Greencastle, Co. Donegal was opened in 1994. The Museum is located in the old Coastguard Station at Greencastle Harbour and overlooks one of the largest fishing fleets in Ireland with magnificient views over Lough Foyle.
The Museum's exhibits include a 19th Century rocket cart used to aid survivors of wrecked ships; a traditional Fanad Curragh built with hazel rods and canvas; a wild fowling punt with a swivel gun. The Museum also has a room devoted to the ships of the Spanish Armada which sunk off the Irish coast in 1588.
The Museum is open daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm from June to October.
There is also a coffee, craft and souvenir shop,
Tel; ROI (077) 81363.

Some contents of interest to Coastguard Researchers.
ROCKET CART built in 1860 at the Bristol Wagon Works, England.

ROCKET CART built in 1860 at the Bristol Wagon Works, England.

THOMAS RYAN. Born Liverpool 1874.Stationed at Greencastle Coastguard Station till 1921. Married locally, Agnes McClenagan.
DANIEL CROWLEY. Born Leap, County Cork, 1832. Joined Royal Navy 1845. Served in Crimean War. Officer-in-charge Culdaff Coastguard Station, 1860-1880.
JOHN SCOTT. Born Dundee 1837. Stationed Moville Coastguard Station, 1875-1900.

The schooner ACTIVE of Cork was wrecked at Annestown about four miles from Tramore during the storm of the 21th.January 1862. The ship was seen in distress and was unlucky to be washed into a small bay surrounded by 150 feet cliffs. Although kept under observation from midday, five sailors were seen clinging to the bulwarks but the entire crew of nine were lost. She went to pieces within an hour of striking the rocks.
While the coastguards were trying to assist the Active a messenger was sent to the headland to see if other ships required assistance. He observed the INDIAN OCEAN ashore at Benvoy Sound and the coastguards diverted their attention to her. She left Liverpool on 21th.January 1862 bound for Sydney with cargo and emigrants. The captain realised that he was in danger of being caught on a lee shore. He cut away the masts and dropped anchors. The crew were taken off by the Europa. Eventually the anchors dragged and the vessel was dashed on the beach. Her cargo included casks of ale and brandy which along with the wreckage were stripped by the local population. (1)


On 25-25-1838 the ARIADNE struck submerged rocks at Tuskar during a storm, the worst in 20 years. The vessel was thrown on her beam ends and three of her crew were washed overboard. Ultimately the ARIADNE was driven to the north bar at the entrance to Wexford harbour.Her crew took to the rigging in a bid to save their lives.They remained there until 1 p.m. next day when, exhausted, cold and hungry, three of them let go their hold to try to get at some pork stored in the forepart of the ship. The three were washed overboard and not seen again.

Coastguard and local people launched a boat from Curracloe and rescued the eight remaining crew. The Lifeboat Institution voted its Gold Medal to Lieut.S.J.Lett, Chief Officer of the Coastguard at Rosslare Fort, for his services in connection with the rescue. (2)

Testimonial sent to me by Mrs.Sylvia Dorey who believes that there may be an interest in local names mentioned.


The following was presented To Coastguardsman Joseph David Summers

We, the undersigned residents and visitors of Port Ballintrae have much pleasure in presenting you with a token of our appreciation of your conduct last September.

Had it not been for the promptness wherewith you responded to an appeal for immediate help, Miss Hall, whose life you saved would have undoubtedly been drowned. Doctor Heuy, the medical officer of your station stated emphatically thirty seconds more in the water and life would have been extinct.

We cannot over value such an act, and we can not be thankful enough that we have such men in our midst.

We applied to Commander Saxon for permission to present you with a token of our gratitude and through him obtained the necessary permission to do so from higher quarters.

We beg your acceptance of this purse of sovereigns and hope you will live long to continue the life of usefulness you have begun.


Mrs.Pring, Miss Grace Douglas, Mrs. Craig,
Miss Hall (the lady who was saved),
R.M. Douglas,Mrs.&Miss Atkinson,
Sir Francis E.MacnaghtenBart,
Mrs.Lenox Conyngham,Major Moore
Lord &Lady Macnaghten,
Rev.F.Medcalf Mr.Moore (Liverpool),
Colonel Underwood Dr.Huey (Medical Officer of Station)),
Mrs.D.McLlroy, Rev.Dr.Murphy,Mr.Tom McLlroy,
W. A. Traill. C.E. Miss Porter Mrs.Walter Wilson
Mrs. Lloyd, Dandy & Bobs "A Friend",
Mrs.Loughran Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Douglas, Miss L.Haughey
Miss Leta Douglas,Mrs. Arrowsmith,Mrs. Challis

This day October 30th 1902, Ireland


Mr. Tony Ellis, Humber Coastguard, The Coastguard Museum, Limekiln Lane, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO 152LX.

Tel: U.K. (01262) 606905
The official collection of coastguard memorabilia and rescue equipment. Opening Times: Please telephone for accurate details.

Public Records Office, Kew, London, update:

More Service records for Naval and Naval Reserve Officers have been added to ADM 340 (Records at Kew) The records are for men born prior to 1900, although there is little for Officers born before 1880.

There are individual files, folders, and record cards for each man. Some of this information duplicates

Sources elsewhere in the National Archives, but it is still worth checking.

You can also find links to other interesting websites here
References :
  1. ‘The Navy and Army Illustrated’ July 6th 1901.
  2. "Rosslare Harbour,Sea and Ships" by John Maddock.
  3. Family History Monthly, June 2003.

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