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Coastguard Cutter
Peter Jackson
Reading through the extensive archival material contained in The Coastguard Cutter, I came across an article relating to a certain John Haswell (Vol.6, No.2), one of the last remaining survivors of the Battle of Trafalgar. I am also a member of the '1805 Club' - a body of Nelson aficionados dedicated to recording and preserving all things Nelsonian in nature.

I seek permission to copy this article and submit it to the '1805 Club' in the hope that it may be of some importance to them.

The article was submitted by a Mr Bryan MacMahon of Stillorgan Wood, Co. Dublin. Please would you advise me if my intention is possible and how I might go about contacting Mr. MacMahon for his permission.

Sincerely, and my thanks in advance for any help

Peter Jackson
Hi Peter

Your post piqued my interest so I did a little research on John Haswell. Using the Coastguard Establishment Books I traced his entry into the CG Service from the Revenue Cruiser Diligence in November 1822, with a first posting to Whitehorse CG Station. The Nomination Book shows him as being born in Gravesend, and at the time of his entry he was 31 and married.

The following were his subsequent moves:

17 Oct 1825 to Lulworth
22 July 1829 to Kimmeridge
24 May 1832 to Flag Head
22 Nov 1833 to Ballyheige
27 June 1859 Discharged with the rate of Commissioned Boatman.

I also checked the seaman’s wills available on the NA website and found one for John dated 1808 written when serving as a Boy on HMS Revenge. On this the sole beneficiary is his mother Elizabeth Haswell, widow, at 29 James Street, ? Marsh, Surrey. Doing a search of the 1841 and 1851 Census returns two possibilities for Elizabeth in Rotherhithe, Surrey, although based on the ages given she should be too young, but I still would not rule her out.

Finally it looks as if John’s first wife died, because in 1857 he marries an Ellen Luttrell in Ballyheige. According to the church records his father was also a John, a printer by trade.

Hope this adds a little more to your information.

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Peter Jackson
Hi Martin - fantastic and many thanks for that - it's a great help. Would it be in order for me to use the material in your reply if I subsequently submit an article to 'The 1805 Club'.

Also I assume I would need the permission of Mr Bryan MacMahon of Stillorgan Wood, Co. Dublin, since it was he who submitted the original article in 'The CG Cutter'. Would you happen to know how I might contact him?

My own interest in CGoY concerns one Edward Davidson (my Gt. Uncle) whom I have researched extensively. He xferred from the RN in 1898 after 12 years service and subsequently served the CG at Kingstown, Annalong, Roundstone, Kilmichael, Carrickfergus, Bangor and finally Helford Passage, Cornwall.

Again, my thanks for your help - it's much appreciated.


I'm more than happy for you to use my information in any way you wish. On the question of the article in 'The CG Cutter'. I'm no expert on copyright law, but I would have thought that provided you attribute the original to Bryan MacMahon and from where it has come, then I doubt if he would be too upset by its use.

Peter Jackson
Hi Martin - many thanks for that - and also for a great website.

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